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    35 Practical Things That Can Also Serve As Decor

    A hamper that looks like it belongs in the MoMA? Yes, please.

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    1. A statuesque pen holder modeled after a Renaissance masterpiece, because organization is a form of art.

    two stylish david pen holders on a desk holding pens and pencils

    2. A set of four hand-painted stoneware measuring cups for the cook who always forgets to put their dishes away. But these will make you leave them out on purpose. Admirers beware!

    reviewer image of the four Creative Co-Op Hand Stamped Striped Stoneware Measuring Cups

    3. A geometric table lamp to light up your space while pulling your aesthetic together with its clean lines and sharp angles.

    the black SOTTAE Modern lamp on an accent table

    4. A femme figure wall hanging and jewelry display with hooks and loops that'll help you show off your favorite pieces in style. Plus? No more tangled necklaces and lost rings!

    the femme wall hanging mounted on a wall, storing jewelry

    5. A whimsical wicker hamper shaped like a majestic elephant that'll be perfect for housing laundry, extra blankets, or toys.

    three Animal Laundry Hamper in white, brown, and natural

    6. A metal clothing rack with shelves you can use to display your finest shoes as the decor they are!

    the 17 stories Reavis 16.1" white Garment Rack in a bedroom

    7. An elegant jewelry organizer whose sleek design will surely rival those of the earrings draped from it.

    the WOWCUTE Earrings Organizer

    8. A snowy leaf catchall tray so your rings, keys, and lucky pennies have a beautiful place to call home.

    the michael aram Winter Leaves Geranium Catchall

    9. A set of four hand-cut marble coasters featuring brass inlaid crescent moons you'll be too busy admiring to even want to rest your glasses on them.

    four marble moon coasters

    10. A modular metal bookshelf groovy enough to store your vinyl collection, vintage books, and potted vines.

    the black alana bookshelf

    11. A wooden fruit bowl and hanger hand-crafted to show your produce off.

    reviewer image of the casa bellante fruit bowl and hanger full of fruit on a customer's kitchen counter

    12. A rustic chalkboard with a cute and useful shelf that makes this as charming as it is practical. You'll want to write your to-do lists, weekly menus, and shopping lists on this beauty!

    reviewer image of the rustic whitewash chalkboard mounted on a wall with a checklist on it

    13. A crystal-shaped makeup organizer that'll help you keep your brushes organized and add to your vanity's gorgeous glitz and glam aesthetic.

    reviewer image of a customer holding up their Wicked Vanity Beauty Crystal Makeup Brush Holder

    14. A contemporary storage ottoman perfect for housing extra blankets, keeping all your board games organized, or just as a dumping ground for clutter when the unexpected guest turns up!

    reviewer image of the deep blue adeco square storage ottoman in front of a floral armchair

    15. A vintage-inspired surge protector with USB ports that'll make sure your devices stay charged in style!

    reviewer image of two wood grain surge protectors

    16. A criss-cross spice rack that includes 18 accessible spice jars (and spice refills) that'll make your kitchen the hot spot for effortlessly flavorful cooking.

    the kamenstein criss cross 18 piece spice rack mounted on a kitchen wall

    17. A nautical knot door stopper so you don't have to worry about your door slamming shut when the rough seas send a mighty gust through your window, arrrgh!

    reviewer image of the ivory Creative Co-Op Nautical Rope Knot Cotton Door Stop holding a customer's front door open

    18. A pair of golden bookend hands whose antique finish will add ~character~ to your shelves.

    the Hands Sculpture Bookend Set holding up books on a glass table

    19. A colorfully bohemian anti-fatigue mat that'll make standing for long periods of time more comfortable, so you'll want to se it in your kitchen or for your standing desk! It's also spill-resistant and super easy to wipe clean.

    a model kneels down on the nama kitchen mat

    20. An intersecting cubes accent shelf with 14 platforms to display your books, tchotchkes, and photos on. This sculptural shelf will offer a modern splash to any room!

    the espresso Vernonburg Square Accent Shelf mounted on a wall

    21. A golden tripod lamp — the glamorous life never shined so bright! This Hollywood-inspired lamp will warm you up as you dream of your own name in lights.

    the willa arlo interiors Floretta 66" Tripod Floor Lamp next to a dresser

    22. A set of three farmhouse kitchen canisters designed with airtight lids that'll keep your food fresh! These round metal canisters will also add a rustic touch to your kitchen counters.

    the three barnyard designs kitchen canisters on a kitchen counter

    23. A set of two nesting storage tables that can be neatly stacked or separated to be used as multiple, decorative side tables (that also happen to be able to store blankets and toys)!

    reviewer image of two Lavish Home Nesting End Tables with Storage in a customer's living room being used to store blankets and pillows

    24. A classic accent cabinet perfectly sized to fit any small space! Use this beautifully crafted cabinet as extra bathroom storage, or to house wine bottles and glasses, or even as a supplementary bookshelf.

    the dark espresso Caleb 2 Door Accent Cabinet in an entryway

    25. A four piece bathroom accessory set with hand-carved detailing that'll give your bathroom an artisanal feel. This set includes a soap dispenser, a soap dish, a toothbrush holder, and a tumbler cup, so all your bathroom needs will be stored with care.

    the VIRTUNE Premium Navy Blue Bathroom Accessory Set on display

    26. A rose gold desk organizer whose five storage compartments will make sure your gel pens, rainbow Post-it notes, and other stationery essentials are easily accessible.

    reviewer image of the rose gold desk organizer in the corner of a customer's desk holding a small succulent, pens, and a notebook

    27. A set of two storage baskets handwoven in Senegal because hiding mess can (and should) look good.

    two handwoven baskets

    28. A Growlight frame shelf that'll not only add a modern touch to your space but also help you keep your plants alive. With a built-in timer and a tucked away full spectrum LED grow light, your herbs and succulents will have no choice but to thrive.

    the growlight frame shelf with houseplants hanging in it

    29. A crystal honey jar shaped like a beehive that even comes with a dipper so you can easily access the sweetness you need for your tea and biscuits!

    reviewer image of the STUDIO SILVERSMITHS Beehive Crystal Honey Jar

    30. A bamboo desktop bookshelf with shelves and drawers for all your organizational needs. This adjustable shelf is durable, waterproof, and super stinkin' cute!

    reviewer image of the tribesigns bamboo desktop bookshelf on a customer's desk

    31. A pair of Eiffel Tower bookends so your classic French novels will feel right at home on your shelves.

    a pair of fasmov eiffel tower bookends

    32. A set of darling flower pens whose petals change color in the sun! Set these in a pen holder near a window and watch as your office space turns into a garden.

    reviewer image of a pack of yarahchel color changing flower pens in a mug

    33. An industrial console table with two shelves perfect for organizing and de-cluttering your entryway. Its demilune shape will add a fun touch to all you choose to display on it.

    the joss and main Goodlow 50" Console Table against a seafoam wall

    34. A vintage camera pen holder because you've got a lot of important things to write, and this will make sure you don't miss your ~shot~. This retro chic holder will add a touch of fun elegance to your space!

    reviewer image of the bellaa vintage camera pen holder with pens in it

    35. A fierce animal print accent chair made with memory foam so you can comfortably stalk your prey...even if that prey is just the antagonist in the book you're cozied up reading.

    the Simba Brown Accent Chair

    36. A tall mail organizer whose slots you can designate for different people or types of mail. It even has hooks for you to hang your purse, scarf, or jacket as you return home.

    The sage Tall Mail Organizer with two mail slots

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