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    34 Practical And Fun Products That’ll Truly Make Your Inner Child Proud

    Because all work and no play makes us dull adults.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A huge ravioli spoon rest so you don't get sauce stains all over your oven.


    Promising review: "I have a new love for raviolis. This is the best little invention for a spatula holder. It's the perfect size for any utensil while cooking. Who would have thought this could make cooking so fun?" —Tmoney1522

    Get it from Amazon for $14.96.

    2. An eco-friendly cool cat tote bag sure to turn heads at your local farmers market.

    the cool cat shopping bag on a colorful rug
    So Unfunny/Etsy

    So Unfunny is a quirky small business based in Poland working to give you the cutest, funniest, and kookiest hats, pins, stickers, totes, and more!

    Promising reviews: "The tote is good quality and the seller even included a freebie sticker! I love the it!" —Sharolyna

    "This was bought as a gift. It was hard to let go but I did give this to a friend who loves cat. She loves it so much and couldn't stop laughing about the butthole detail." —Candy Chang

    Get it from So Unfunny on Etsy for $14.

    3. A wine wand for making tannin-induced hangovers magically disappear! Purify your Malbec in minutes and say goodbye to headaches and upset stomachs.

    a Wand Wine Purifier in a glass of red wine that sits on a wooden table

    Promising review: "My boyfriend has never been able to drink wine due to an allergy to the sulfites. I decided there had to be a solution so that he could enjoy some of the amazing bottles I had purchased during my last girls' weekend trip to Napa Valley. Google and Amazon did not disappoint. These wands are super easy to use and we have been able to enjoy multiple bottles of wine together with no reactions! I can even tell that it aerates very well and helps bring out some of the flavors when I would compare our glasses to each other. I would definitely recommend!!" —Amanda Taylor

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99+.

    4. A jar of therapy dough infused with essential oils so you get double the stress relief from molding shapes *and* aromatherapy. Who says playing with dough is just for kids?

    three therapy doughs
    Uncommon Goods

    Promising review: "It's not only a stress relief to be able to physically knead it, but I get the benefits even after I stop using it because the wonderful scent remains on your hands for hours!" —Karma Kim

    Get it from Uncommon Goods for $15 (available in four scents).

    5. Eco-friendly potty bombs scented with mint and rosemary to give your bathroom a bit of a refresher. Drop one potty bomb in, then let it fizz and disinfect your toilet bowl. All in less than 20 minutes!

    five colored potty bombs stacked in a pyramid
    Altus Advantage

    Altus Advantage is a woman-owned small business based in Canada whose mission is to make the world a more eco-friendly place by creating natural and zero-waste cleaning products and soaps for sensitive skin.

    Promising review: "It worked so well! In Ottawa, the water leaves this pink ring around the toilet bowl for some reason. usually I need to scrub a lot for it to go away, but this removed it super easily! I will definitely come back for these! Not to mention they're eco-friendly!" —kristen

    Get it from Altus Advantage on Etsy for $12.54 (available in six colors).

    6. A soda maker that'll turn *any* beverage into a carbonated one. Just fill up its bottle, attach it, and press a button. Wine spritzer? I think yes.

    the DrinkMate carbonated beverage maker on a counter in front of several bottles of wine

    Promising review: "EXCELLENT! I always drank Diet Coke at home and understanding that soda is not the best for you, I wanted something carbonated. After reading plenty of reviews and the different brands, I decided to go with this one since you can carbonate any liquid. I have been using it for a few weeks now without any issues.

    I am still using the original tank I purchased and have been drinking plenty of carbonated water. I have found myself NOT drinking as much Diet Coke. In fact, all I drink now at home is carbonated water. Overall, it's an excellent item. I have carbonated Gatorade and red wine as well." —Eav K Lim
    Get it from Amazon for $86.95+ (available in two styles and three colors).

    7. A bullet journal kit so you can creatively customize your to-do lists, calendars, memos and more! Feel free to color outside the lines.

    the complete dotted journal kit with several journals of different colors laid out on a table

    This kit includes: a bullet dotted journal, 15 color fine-liner pens, five reusable stencils, six sticker sheets, six Washi tape sets, and a black pen.

    Promising review: "This has everything you need to start journaling. Great quality and great price. There’s even a pocket in the back to keep the stickers and stencils. The pages are numbered and there are three index pages at the beginning." —What

    Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in six colors).

    8. Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask — exfoliate your pores and stimulate your skin to get a healthy glow with this one-step mask. And watch as your face gets covered in foam!

    reviewer image of a customer's face covered in the foaming Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask

    Promising review: "I decided to try this mask based on the insanely high customer rating and affordable price just to see if it would live up to the hype. I just finished washing it off my face and I have to say I do see a difference, albeit not a dramatic one. I have enlarged pores in my T-zone and issues with blackheads around my chin and after one use, my pores appear smaller and tighter and most of the smallest blackheads and bumps are gone from around my chin. I am impressed but I think with regular use it might make an even bigger difference — maybe a couple of times a week. Oh yeah, it's also really fun to watch and feel the bubbles foaming up on your face!" —Elisabeth

    Get it from Amazon for $11.50.

    Check out our full review of Elizavecca Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask at #3.

    9. A set of two super cute shovel spoons that'll make ~digging into~ your ice cream, cereal, or mashed potatoes an extra treat!

    four pink and gold shovel spoons on a pink plate
    DL Awesome Living/Etsy

    DL Awesome Living is a Canada-based small business making pretty products that'll help you enjoy your home a little more. From cotton aprons to flatware, check out this shop to dress up your place!

    Promising review: "These are really great. They're more substantial than I expected them to be, and each pair comes in its own paper gift bag which is a nice touch! I bought them for myself, but given their quality and presentation, they're certainly gift-worthy, too!" —Bill Kraft

    Get it from DL Awesome Living on Etsy for $12.54 (available in five colors).

    10. A durable seven-blade vegetable spiralizer because the only way you're fitting zucchini into your diet is if you cover it in butter and garlic and pretending you're at a fine Italian restaurant. Not much has changed since third grade, eh?

    reviewer image of spiralized sweet potatoes and carrots in a bowl

    Promising review: "I straight up put cabbage in my spiralizer, and it spiraled it. SO FAST. SO EASY. SO SAFELY. And if anything was too long after going through the spiralizer, it was a super fast chop on the cutting board, nothing complicated. The spiralizer makes everything perfectly thin and sublime. I feel like having this tool has made me an insta chef." —Avid Reader

    Get it from Amazon for $23.72.

    11. A double-ended eyeliner stamp so you get a perfect cat-eye. Every. Single. Time. This smudgeproof and waterproof formula will keep you looking fierce all day long. If you were always playing with your parents' (important and expensive) self-inking stamps, this is your time to shine., Amazon

    Promising review: "I just want to make my morning routine as easy as possible. I love winged liner but I don’t have a steady hand for it without mistakes. This stamp makes the perfect and consistent wing every time. Love it!" —Julie B.

    Get it from Amazon for $14.97+ (available in three sizes and two colors).

    12. A blackhead removal kit or an electric blackhead vacuum for extracting all the yuckies from your face. Just make sure you cleanse your face (and disinfect your tools) first. No acne or blackheads for you!,

    Promising review: "My skin is super super sensitive and usually when I pop pimples, they end up looking worse than before (especially with blackheads). This kit is so amazing!!! I just poke the pimple or blackhead with the sharp end then use the loop-shaped thing and the redness goes away in about half an hour instead of multiple days! It makes my blackheads disappear, turns bumps that usually aren't pop-able into small spots that go away within a day, and makes it way less painful to pop hormonal acne! I would seriously recommend this to anyone and especially to people with sensitive skin." —Sara Velasquez

    Promising review: "This thing seriously cleaned my skin. I would say it removed about 80% of my blackheads during my first use, and I can't believe how much oil was extracted into the plastic tip! I took a long hot shower first so my pores were open. Then I passed the machine across my skin, making sure not to stay in any one spot for more than a second. I think the key is to keep moving in short strokes in only one direction. I watched a couple of videos on YouTube and they said the goal is not to put it over one blackhead and suck. The goal is to keep moving, and by the end you'll see how well this device really works." —BKB

    Get the removal kit from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in three color options) and the electric blackhead vacuum for $29.99.

    13. A sassy femme figure wall hanging and jewelry display with hooks and loops that'll help you show off your favorite pieces in style. Plus? No more tangled necklaces and lost rings!

    the femme wall hanging mounted on a wall, storing jewelry
    Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "Love it! This was a super cute way to decorate my room! It looks exactly like the photo and holds so much of my jewelry!" —simone18

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $18.

    14. An 11-piece set of silicone coasters you can use to play Tic Tac Toe! Created in collaboration between MoMA and the School of Visual Arts, these cute and sturdy coasters will make protecting your furniture a little more fun.

    the MoMA tic tac trivet coasters laid out into an almost completed game of tic tac toe
    Neiman Marcus

    Get it from Neiman Marcus for $40.

    15. An ergonomically designed scalp massager that'll help soothe psoriasis, ease itchiness, and provide soothing sensations during your shower.,,

    Amazon reviewers noted that this little buddy worked for their various hair types.

    Promising review: "This is a great little tool. My daughter and I both have VERY thick hair. Mine is especially difficult because it's curly. I have a combination of type 3a and 3b curly hair. My daughter always had a hard time getting to her scalp with shampoo and conditioner which caused some flaking and dandruff. Since she's been using this, that has stopped. It's made it much easier for both of us to get down to the root shaft. For people saying 'just use your fingernails,' this works better. I've had long and short nails and this still works better. It's easy to grip and clean. No complaints here." —J. Love

    Get it from Amazon for $8.58+ (available in four colors).

    16. A dual phone sanitizer and charger so sleek it'll fit seamlessly into your decor. If you're a clean-freak with a chronically 1% battery phone, this super cool gadget has got you covered.

    an iPhone charging inside of a black oblio phone sanitiser and wireless charger

    Get it from Firebox for $113 (available in two colors).

    17. A multi-functional Amazon Echo Show 5 with a screen that you can use to update your to-do lists, calendars, and morning pump-up jams! And since it's voice-activated, you might just feel like you're talking to your own JARVIS.

    the amazon echo show 5 displaying the date and weather on a nightstand

    And when you're not working, you can use it to pull up recipes while cheffing it up in the kitchen, Skype with loved ones, or shuffle through warm memories by using it as a digital picture frame.

    Promising review: "I have been using Alexa devices for some years now and thought it was time to update. So I bought two of these little beauties. I use them to talk to family, stream SiriusXM, manage my home's lighting, and a host of other things like checking the time, weather, flight departure and arrival details, and so much more. I think these are the perfect size." —Robby Sunny Las Vegas

    Get it from Amazon for $49.99 (originally $89.99)

    18. A pack of stylized sticky notes because your to-do lists deserve a little color and joy! With a total of 160 notes, beautifying your tasks just got a tad bit easier.

    a pack of the layers snap-in stylized sticky notes
    Erin Condren

    Get it from Erin Condren for $8.40 (originally $10.50).

    19. A ceramic chick egg separator – a playful (and effective) way to make sure only egg whites end up in your low cholesterol recipe.


    Promising reviews: "It adds a certain homey-ness to the kitchen. I love it; it is so adorable. It functions just as advertised, which is always a good thing. It is easy to use and easy to clean. Something that I never thought we would need and felt that we had little use for just became my favorite thing." —Marvel

    "I have become 'egg separating challenged' as I've aged. This little chicken is fabulous for helping out an old lady!" —Susiq

    Get it from Amazon for $8.50+ (available in two colors).

    20. A giant clothespin towel holder if one of your favorite chores as a kid was helping to hang wet clothes out on the line to dry.

    two jumbo clothespin towel holders mounted to a wall, each holding a beige towel
    Barwood Shop/Etsy

    Just keep in mind that this won't ship until April 2nd!

    A small shop out in the Adirondacks, Barwood Shop handcrafts whimsical and functional home decor.

    Promising review: "Adorable! This is such a creative idea for hanging towels in the bathroom. I am very happy with how they turned out. They look awesome in my guest bathroom!" —Meghan Purdy

    Get it from Barwood Shop on Etsy for $28.97 (available in eight colors).

    21. Dusting putty (aka slime) that'll pick up dust and dirt from your vents, keyboard, phone, and so much more!

    Promising review: "My wife's car gets absolutely filthy by my standards, but that's what happens when you have two small children. This picks up all the random crumbs and cereal bits that get into the corners and crevices of her car." —Jae Mart

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

    22. A big blue whale strainer – it'll allow you to strain water from the pot without having to dump your food out of it, too.

    model's hand holding the genuine fred big blue whale strainer up to a pot and straining hot water out of it into the sink

    Promising review: "OMG. This item should be in EVERY kitchen. It's beyond useful as well as cute and whimsical. I use it for all kinds of foods that need straining because I don't have the sink space to plop down a huge colander. It's hard to see in the picture, but the 'whale's gills' has a lip that snugly hugs onto the curve of a pot or bowl. It's also great for when you don't want to strain all of the liquid out, like when making ramen. Needless to say, this thing stays within reach of the sink at all times now!" —zaozaokitty

    Get it from Amazon for $15.49.

    23. A retro microwave with all the modern day settings you'll need to heat up your TV dinner and popcorn before tuning into I Love Lucy reruns.

    reviewer image of the green COSTWAY Retro Countertop Microwave on a kitchen counter

    Promising review: "The Costway Retro Microwave is a real looker! The pictures don't quite do it justice, as far as just how attractive it really is. It totally brightens up the kitchen. There is no setup other than putting in the rack, then you are ready to go. The microwave fits easily under a countertop but is big enough to warm a full-sized dinner plate or a large bowl of leftovers. There is plenty of power too; this gets our food and drinks heated up in a jiffy. You adjust the cooking time or the weight of the food by turning a knob to increment the time or weight. This microwave's small form factor and features are great, but its' good looks are what makes it truly special." —allyk

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99+ (available in two colors).

    24. Pair that with an equally retro toaster that can toast four slices of bread to any of seven settings while giving your kitchen a touch of The Jetsons' magic.

    reviewer image of the cozy greenish BuyDeem four slice retro toaster on a kitchen counter

    Promising review: "This is a good-looking toaster with a really nice vintage design that separates it from those modern-looking, stainless steel encased ones which gives a more cold, industrial feeling. The operation of this toaster is very easy. The dial at the bottom is actually "analog" I believe as putting it in between two numbers does the job just fine. The extra-wide/deep slots are perfect for hand-cut slices from home-made bread or XL-sized bagels. Last but not least, I like how easy it is to wipe-clean the toaster." —Adelina

    Get it from Amazon for $59.99 (available in two colors).

    25. A dinosaur-shaped silicone pancake mold because boring breakfasts should be a thing of the past. These easy-to-use and mess-free molds will (safely) take you back to the Mesozoic Era.

    a dinosaur pancake plated to look like it's near a volcano under the sun
    Zavery Cakes/Rekeisha Dunlap

    Zavery Cakes is a Black-owned small biz originally created to impress a 5-year-old. Now we all get to reap the benefits of these fun pancake molds!

    Get it from Zavery Cakes for $12.99.

    26. A rhino knife sharpener for getting your knives as sharp as, well, a rhino's horn!

    a model sharpens a knife on the green rhino blade sharpener

    Promising review: "Saw a review for this on BuzzFeed and decided to try it. I’m thrilled that something this small does such a great job on my knives! A friend was over and noticed it. When I explained it was a sharpener she gushed. She loves rhinos and after the third time she mentioned it, I ordered her one, too. She loves it. Excellent, excellent purchase!" —Hariette

    Get it from Amazon for $18 (available in two colors).

    27. A mini boba tea air purifier kills bacteria using UV light and looks so friggin' cute while doing it! It's USB-powered, so you can connect it to the wall or your laptop in order to breathe air free of dust, pollen, and mold.

    the pearl boba tea air purifier atop a big pink book

    Get it from Firebox for $56.

    28. A delightful mini desk vacuum for mooo-ving crumbs, coffee grounds, and more from your work area and into its little tummy!

    reviewer image of the wrapables cow mini tabletop vacuum in the center of a dining table along with bowls of snacks, napkins, and a salt and pepper shaker

    Promising review: "My wife wanted something that will pick up food, dry, crumbs off the table. We were looking at a cordless vacuum but that meant we would have to put it somewhere out-of-sight. I got on Amazon and found this. I knew my wife would love it! So I surprised her with this. She loves it! It not only does a great job, but we can also leave it on the table." —William S Faulkner

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

    29. A waterproof pocket beach blanket so versatile and lightweight, you can use it anywhere! Park picnics, beaches, and camping sites have met their match!

    Promising review: "I took this handy blanket to a camping music festival and it proved to be incredibly useful and versatile. It's lightweight and easily folds or stuffs into its carrying pouch (not one of those "will never fit back in after the first time you take it out" situations). It's great for folding out on the ground for a place to sit (comfortably big enough for two to three people) and is made from a waterproof material that seems fairly dirt-proof as well; you don't need to worry about finding a perfectly dry spot or about it picking up dirt and moisture when you pack it back in its pouch. This blanket also did a great job of keeping me warm when the temperature dropped at night!" —RJStags

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99 (available in six colors).

    30. A set of three canisters with huge, round cork lids perfect for keeping dry food safe and fresh.

    three canisters of different sizes filled with dry foods and topped with round cork tops
    The Spice Suite

    The Spice Suite is a Black woman-owned based in DC that is committed to blurring the line between food and fashion.

    Get it from The Spice Suite for $60.

    31. A mini waffle maker that'll cook way more than just waffles. Mini paninis, mini cookies, mini pizzas, mini...okay, I think you get it.


    Promising review: "I love my little waffle maker. I found several different recipes to make with it. It heats up great for a small waffle maker. I actually bought this for my hubby, but I’ve been using it ever since it arrived!!" —Christina V.

    Get it from Amazon for $23.99.

    32. A pair of comfy blue-light–blocking glasses designed to help reduce eye strain, fatigue, and headaches. Because if we're not gonna stop staring at screens, we might as well feel like professional hackers on an Ocean's Eleven-type mission.

    a model wearing ANRRI Blue Light Blocking Glasses

    Promising review: "If you consider yourself proficient in Excel, then you'll benefit from these. I was skeptical at first, but 10-12 hours staring at thousands of tiny little cells was leaving me with tired eyes. These glasses take care of that. Now I can work 14 hours a day." —Ricky Danzanito

    Get it from Amazon for $25.95 (available in four colors).

    33. A metallic-flecked toilet seat so pretty, your bathroom breaks might get a little longer just so you can look at it and try to count all of its glittery bits.

    The Metallic-Flecked Toilet Seat in gold
    Urban Outfitters

    Promising review: "LOVE! I've never seen anyone with a toilet seat like this, and it's the perfect addition to my decor!" —Honey001

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $69+ (available in two colors and two sizes).

    34. A set of daisy tea infusers will let your loose leaf tea blossom into a flavorful concoction. Once you've let your tea finish seeping, just place the daisy's bulb into its accompanying flower pot drip tray.

    Promising review: "These are great tea infusers! I love that they are environmentally-friendly and easy to wash. Plus they just bring a smile to your face every time you have a cup of tea because they are so cute." —KB

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

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