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21 Cute Pins, Patches, Mugs, And Stickers From Queer-Owned Businesses That You Need ASAP

Show off your support of the queer community by shopping these queer-owned businesses.

1. A sweet and subtle enamel pin featuring the colors of the trans pride flag because true representation can take on many shapes.

a hand holding the trans pride pin

2. An inclusive Pride month sticker pack you'll wanna slap on your laptop, water bottle, and notebooks so everyone knows that the pride you feel exists year-round.

a model holds a laptop covered in stickers from the pride sticker pack

3. A darling floral mug asking for the ultimate blessing. Because we won't stop being messy, so we might as well feel good about it!

the bless this mess mug against a pink background

4. A tarot-inspired iron-on patch divining that the future is queer. Which it is. I know because I'm psychic.

the future is queer tarot patch

5. An "all the cool girls are lesbians" mug if you're into, ya know, telling the truth.

the all the cool girls are lesbians mug filled with steaming coffee

6. A hand-thrown and hand-painted quille mug featuring the infamous clique of primary colors we've all come to know and love.

Two quille primary color mugs

7. A bold third eye rainbow pin to help you accessorize while also showcasing how ~spiritually wise~ you are. Or at least how good you are at finding pins with every color imaginable on them.

the exist loudly third eye rainbow pin on a denim jacket

8. A well-deserved scout badge for being the best queer there is!

the dark skin queer scout badge

9. A rainbow fist patch you can iron onto your denim jacket to give it a colorful upgrade.

the rainbow fist patch in front of a sky blue background

10. A Stonewall-inspired mug honoring the fact that Stonewall was, in fact, a riot.

the stonewall '69 riot mug

11. A screaming opossum enamel pin because everyone's feelings are valid so if you need to do big screm go ahead and do big screm.

the screaming opossum pin in a model's hand

12. A handmade "gay for the sea" patch if being out on the ocean makes you feel as free as a bird.

the gay for the sea patch featuring a seagull on a denim jacket

13. A purrfectly true enamel pin celebrating chaotic kitties (and their lack of object permanence).

the chaos cat pin featuring a cat knocking a glass of water off a table

14. A Mr. Rogers-inspired ceramic mug that'll happily wish you a good morning every morning. You'll be glad to have him as your neighbor!

the mr rogers citizen ruth mug

15. A pink triangle enamel pin to show off that you are queer to the (back)bone!

the pink triangle backbone pin

16. A queerly queer mug that's perfect for anyone who hates repeating themselves.

the let me be perfectly queer mug

17. A pack of fun vinyl stickers because when else can a happy waffle, a skateboarding dog, and a napping sloth hang out together? That can only happen on your laptop.

the distractables sticker pack

18. A rainbow mountain patch to honor the ongoing fight for equality and justice. Because like bi icon Miley Cyrus once said, "it ain't about what's waiting on the other side, it's the climb."

19. A matte holographic sticker mapping out what each line in your palms mean (so you can read the future).

the matte holographic palmistry sticker

20. A set of five fiery pride pins that'll add so much 'tude to your 'fits, you won't even know what to do with yourself. Except stan, of course.

the five pride pins: nerf terfs, drag your heart out, queer prom ticket, and break up makeup rules palette

21. And a holographic gay "frat" sticker if you're a proud alum of the only community with bangin' parties.

the gay frat holographic sticker