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    If You Simply Can’t Sleep In The Summer Heat, Check Out These 18 Products Reviewers Say Helped Them At Bedtime

    No more waking up in a swamp of your own sweat.

    1. An ice roller to help freeze those hot spots right in their tracks! Just pop it in the freezer then roll it over your eyelids, neck, and back for some heat (or body ache) relief.

    reviewer's hand holding a plastic ice roller which is shaped like a shaving razor but with a bar that rolls at the end
    Reviewer using the ice roller on their face

    Promising reviews: "This saved me and helped me sleep many nights without power or air-conditioning. It can be used on different body parts, even your feet. Definitely a necessity if you live in Florida!" —Erica C.

    "I was in the habit of rolling a cold can of soda on my forehead to help with tension headaches and sinus pain but that was cumbersome and not always cold enough. This ice roller works so well to ease the pain from sinuses and tension. It froze very quick and I felt instant relief. The rolling motion even cleared my sinuses and I could breathe better right away. I love this. Would highly recommend." —DT

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99+ (available in 12 colors and in packs of two).

    2. A dual zone comforter if you run hot but your partner runs cold. This ingenious alternative down comforter offers two temperatures so you can both sleep comfortably.

    The duvet showing one half is warm and the other is cool

    The tie duvet tabs on either side tell you side is which.

    Promising review: "I’m always hot and my boyfriend is always cold so I thought I’d try this out after reading a lot of good reviews and now I’m here to add to that list. We just got ours yesterday, so last night was the first time using it and we both were very impressed! I usually wake up multiple times in the middle of the night sweating but I didn’t wake up once! 10/10 recommended for people who have different sleep temps than their significant other!" —Cassie wheeler

    Get it from Amazon for $129.99+ (available in two sizes and four colors).

    3. A super-breathable Sijo eucalyptus bedding set with sheets so silky soft, you'll be nodding off to sleep in no time. Night sweats will be a relic of yesteryear, because everything in this set is made of a cooling thermal-regulating material. We love to see it.

    Bed with white Sijo duvet cover and sheet set

    Pair with a Sijo duvet cover!

    BuzzFeed editor Elizabeth Lilly loves this set:

    "Both the sheets and duvet cover are made of 100% eucalyptus lyocell / Tencel. The eucalyptus is naturally sourced and not treated with harmful dyes or chemicals. Also, they're built to last! I look forward to leaving these in my will to my various grandkids. These sheets are the most breathable sheets I've had in my life. I'm an incredibly hot sleeper, which is further aggravated by living in a NYC apartment building where the cast-iron radiators will really kick in during the middle of the night. When it comes to their level of smooth, it feels just as great running my hand over my flat sheet as slipping underneath it at night. I've had lots of soft sheets in my day, including the kind that feel like a T-shirt material that truly were very nice on my college dorm mattress. But nothing's compared to these. So really, these might've ruined other sheets for me."

    Get the four piece set from Amazon for $175 (available in sizes full-king and eight colors).

    4. A Mario Badescu cooling facial spray made with aloe, cucumber, and green tea because it'll help you cool down and hydrate your skin simultaneously. We love a multitasking queen!

    Promising review: "This is the second time I've purchased this product. I absolutely love the scent and the way it feels. It is so refreshing and I've never had an issue with it and I have pretty sensitive skin. I love to spray this on my face before I go to bed, because it cools me down and has that relaxing/calming scent." —KellyJo

    Get it from Amazon for $7+ (available in two sizes and several pack sizes).

    5. A queen-sized bamboo cooling blanket designed to help reduce body heat by up to 10 degrees. It'll even wick away moisture because sweat is icky.

    image of reviewer swaddled in the blanket
    a reviewer holding the blanket between their fingers

    Promising review: "I wasn't sure how this blanket was going to keep me cool at night, but I do feel more comfortable and cooler sleeping with this blanket." —R. Early

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in four colors).

    6. A pack of 20 gentle-on-skin cooling patches since they can be applied anywhere you're feeling discomfort.

    reviewer holding up a gel pad
    image of a patch wrapped around a reviewer's wrist

    Promising review: "I tend to overheat in the middle of the night. I used to go downstairs to get ice packs. That worked but I always struggled getting back to bed after getting up. These patches have been super convenient! I keep them in my nightstand next to my bed and when I overheat all I have to do is open the pack." —Jen9254

    Get a pack of 20 from Amazon for $13.99.

    7. A splurge-worthy BedJet ventilation system that'll allow you to create the perfect climate for sleeping since it moves cold (or hot) air into your bed. You can program its temperature for every hour of the night if your preferences change as you get cozy and fall asleep.

    BedJet is a small business!

    Promising review: "I had been experiencing incredibly bad night sweats. Woke up drenched multiple times a night. Someone told me about BedJet and I thought, 'Um that’s too expensive.' But, I was desperate. This was when the newest model was the BedJet 2. It changed my life. Got rid of my night sweats completely. It’s large, but I used to cart it when I went away even just for one night if I was traveling my car. I’ve since upgraded to the 3 model. The 2 model still works, but the smaller profile works better in my bedroom. It’s like sleeping in a cloud. It’s also great that you can set it for hot or cold and adjust the temperate, fan level, and set favorites. It seems like a gimmick, but I promise it is not. Worth every penny." —Ashley S

    Get it from BedJet on Amazon for $489.

    8. A set of two double-sided cooling pillowcases because their cool side absorbs body heat and transfers it away from you so you can sleep snugly.

    Promising review: "Finally found pillows that are worth every penny!!! I am buying more ASAP! I have a sweating problem and also have my bedroom on the third floor of my home so the heat rises, which doesn’t help my hot flashes at all! I have a hard time finding a pillowcase that isn’t sticky feeling, too hot to lay on, etc. I really appreciate that there is a zipper on one end of each pillowcase to zip up your pillow to help your pillow inside from slipping or falling out! These pillowcases are cool to the touch, super soft, and they are super comfortable to lay on, to the point I woke up with drool all over my face from my remarkable amount of great sleep I had! This pillowcase doesn’t get that overwhelming warm sticky feeling after laying on it for a while. It stays comfortable to lay on all through the night! I’m incredibly happy and grateful to finally find pillowcases that are exactly what anyone with sweating issues and hot flashes need and want in pillowcases." —CosmeticatedReviews

    Get them from Amazon for $18.95+ (available in standard, queen, and king sizes and in 19 colors).  

    9. And a pair of breathable cooling pillows whose gel-infused interior will help ensure you don't overheat while you sleep.

    Promising review: "This is my second purchase. I love this pillow. I previously used down pillows but was getting tired of all the feathers stuck in my pillowcases and all over the bed. I was very hesitant to try a non-down pillow. The reviews on this pillow were very good so I decided to give them a try. I LOVE THEM! It took approximately two nights to make the adjustment from down. I was not sure they were any cooler than my other pillow but they solved the feather issue. One night my pillows got mixed up with the daughter's and I could not understand why my pillow was so hot and then I got stuck with a feather and realized it was not my pillow! I then put one of each on my bed to test for the heat, and was amazed at how much cooler this pillow is. It is a win-win. I do not have feather issues and the pillow is a lot cooler. I have now replaced all of the feather pillows in my house with these great pillows. I have had my first order for about four months and they are holding up great." —Rebecca L. Zortman

    Get two from Amazon for $37.49+ (available in two sizes).

    10. A vintage-inspired water carafe and cup set to keep on your nightstand so you when you wake up overheated and dehydrated, you can quickly quench your thirst.

    the carafe with water and slices of grapefruit

    Promising review: "I've had so many cups for overnight water that lined my bedroom dresser, windowsills, etc. This water carafe is AMAZING. It's cute, stores about 30-oz of water, and is so easy to clean with a bottle brush and dry. Its vintage style looks cute on my bed stand, and it's painfully useful if you also get up in the middle of the night with the driest throat known to man. I feel both fancy and fulfilled with this purchase and recommend it!" —Erica

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99.

    11. A short-sleeve pajama set made of bamboo, making these the most lightweight PJs you'll ever own.

    a model wearing the blue dotted PJ set
    the same model showing the back of the PJ set

    Promising review: "I've become a hot, miserable sleeper so I was searching for pajamas that would keep me cool. I've only worn these once so far, but they were amazing! They feel cool on your skin as soon as you put them on and they stayed that way all night. I'm not a big 'reviewer' but I just really loved these pajamas!" —Kristen Rosenstrom

    Get it from Amazon for $42.99+ (available in women's sizes S–XXL and in 14 colors/patterns).

    12. A pair of thermal insulated blackout curtains because they'll help make sure the sun doesn't melt you while you sleep.

    close up of the hem on the curtain
    the curtains blocking out light

    Promising review: "I’ve been very impressed with these blackout curtains. My room usually heats up with all of the sunlight coming in throughout the day, but I’ve noticed these curtains have helped keep the heat out. The rings at the top allow for some light to get in, but not enough to bother you. Other than that, these curtains do an amazing job at blocking out the light. I’ve been able to sleep so much better!" —Sutton Kredt

    Get a pair from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in several sizes and colors).

    13. A sleek dehumidifier that'll suck the water out of the air so you can breathe a little easier in this heat. It's got a silent fan so you won't even notice it's working until you realize how comfortable you feel.

    Promising review: "I am amazed at the amount of water that is pulled out of the air in my house. I have one set up in the living room and one in a bedroom that is on the north side of the house and always felt like a damp room. Now it’s back to normal and comfortable to be in." —Patricia Cook

    Get it from Amazon for $179.99.

    14. A down alternative cooling mattress pad made from super soft and breathable microfiber. It has four no-slip anchors so you don't have to worry about it coming off in the middle of the night and wrapping you in a burrito.

    The white mattress pad stretched firm on a mattress

    Promising review: "Unbeknownst to me, my wife decided to replace our mattress with the hardest slab of concrete on which I've ever had to sleep. I ordered this cover hoping for a tiny bit of relief. From the first night it exceeded all my hopes and dreams. I was able to sleep again, it doesn't slip off even with my tossing and turning, and it stays cool. This mattress cover probably saved my marriage. Thank you!" —michael ervin

    Get it from Amazon for $39.90+ (available in sizes Twin–California King). 

    15. A double-sided