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    12 Hair Dyes Reviewers Swear By For At-Home Transformations

    The seasons change, and so must our hair.

    The past few months have been full of change... One of the changes we can actually take some control over is what our hair looks like from day to day. So, here are some of the best reviewed hair dyes people have used at home to transform their looks!

    1. Il Salone Milano Dark Copper Hair is a permanent hair color cream that can transform you into a bonafide Miranda! This kit comes with moisturizing oils that'll not only heighten your hair's new color but also make sure that it's here to stay.

    A reviewer's before and after pics where in the before their hair is dark brown and in the after it is vibrant copper

    2. Garnier Mascarpone Creme lifts dark hair up to eight levels! Made with grapeseed and avocado oil, it's a truly nourishing cream dye. Yes, please! Whether you're enhancing your natural blonde locks, touching up your roots, or going for a whole new look, Garnier will help you show off just how bold you are.

    A reviewer shows their bleached blonde hair

    3. oVertone Pink for Brown Hair is an award-winning dye that's *actually* a color-depositing conditioner! Effective on all hair types, this 100% vegan and cruelty-free formula will make your bubblegum dreams a reality!

    4. Keracolor Teal Clenditioner cleanses, conditions, *and* colors! Offering an instant transformation, this semi-permanent vegan dye adds a boost of color after every single wash.

    5. dpHUE Dark Brown Gloss+ boosts your natural hair color with a vibrant, vegan formula. A semi-permanent dye and deep conditioner all in one small bottle!

    A model's medium brown hair before using dark brown gloss+ and the same model's dark brown hair after use

    6. Madison Reed Matera Marigold only takes 35 minutes to revive your copper roots. Got grays? They're no match for this incredibly nutrient-rich cream color. With hair so radiant, you might just convince yourself that you've gone to a salon.

    The full Madison Reed Matera Marigold dye kit

    7. Good Dye Young Kowabunga infuses sunflower extract into its vegan and cruelty-free dye. Plus, it deep conditions your hair *as* it deposits color. Yeah, it's a multi-tasker. You'll look like a radioactive superhero rockstar when you're done!

    A model with brilliantly green hair after using Kowabunga

    8. Revlon Platinum for Light Brown Hair gently brightens your hair, so your blonde wishes are only a click away. No more fried, bleached hair when you use this keratin-enriched and jojoba seed oil-infused dye! Your newly hydrated and moisturized hair will thank you after you use the (included) conditioner.

    A Black reviewer with platinum blonde hair

    9. Manic Panic Voodoo Blue boldly goes where most semi-permanent dyes won't! It also contains aloe vera and citric acid to enliven your hair while you live it up as an acid lollipop dream!

    A model's hair curled and blue after using voodoo blue dye

    10. Arctic Fox Violet Dream is a highly pigmented and long-lasting vegan dye. Its heavy magenta undertones will eventually ~fade~ into pink.

    11. NaturColor Light Burdock works well on gray hair. This haircolor gel is safe to use on color-treated and permed hair *and* consists of plant extracts to make sure your hair stays healthy and its color doesn't fade.

    The Naturcolor 5N Light Burdock Hair Dye

    12. got2b smoky violet tackles tame hair with its metallic shine booster formula. You'll get a perfect purple *and* a radiant shimmer. This permanent dye was made for anyone who dares to be anything but boring!

    A model with metallic smoky violet hair and text that reads "for a multi-dimensional metallic look!"

    You when someone asks if you're gonna stop dyeing your hair:

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