8 Songs You Are Ashamed That You Love

Shameful songs you claim you don’t like in public, but belt out behind closed doors. It’s okay, we understand.

1. Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Call Me Maybe is…catchy. Annoyingly catchy. What is one supposed to do?

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Answer: Make a parody with very nice looking men.

2. Far Away - Nickelback

No one openly likes Nickelback (except for me). But, how do you expect anyone to resist this power ballad?

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Oh Nickelback…

3. The Climb - Miley Cyrus

Admit it. If this song comes on, you are singing along in a matter of seconds.

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Barely anyone remembers Miley before the transformation.

4. Over You - Daughtry

I simply do not believe you if you say you have never rocked out to this song in your room alone. I just don’t.

5. Teardrops On My Guitar - Taylor Swift

Now, I am no fan of Taylor Swift. But, I cannot deny even I loved this song.

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However, she is still shameful.

6. My Happy Ending - Avril Lavigne

Once again, you try to put your angsty preteen phase behind you. But, this song will never quite let you.

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The angst overload is too much.

7. Sexy Can I - Ray J ft. Yung Berg

Yes, it’s true. You enjoyed something Ray J made. No, you don’t have to tell anyone.

8. LFO - Literally Any Song

LFO…is shameful all together. But, we loved them. They made the 90s and early 2000s a little better.

Well, those are the secret songs revealed for everyone to enjoy now.

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