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14 Struggles Of Actually Having No Time To Adult

Work. Commutes. Friends. Sleep, maybe? When exactly are you supposed to adult? Taxfyle can help — download the app, take a picture of your tax docs, and a licensed CPA will handle those bad boys for you.

1. You have to ask to work from home because you have no clean clothes.

2. You go to happy hour, leave for a spin class, and then come back REAL sweaty.

And still in your spandex.

3. You only call your mom when you're walking somewhere, and you're always seriously out of breath.

4. You haven't gotten a haircut in forever...

5. ...or managed to call your landlord to replace that burned-out ceiling lightbulb.

6. You still have to roll over the 401(k) from that job you had four years ago...

7. ...and unpack the boxes from the apartment move you made that same year.

8. Your sister asks you to mail her a book you just finished and you're like, LOL.

9. You're totally used to sleeping on a bare mattress...

10. ...and using paper takeout napkins as toilet paper.

11. The only time you turn on your oven is when the heat isn't working.

12. At least you have fantastic snack food presentation skills:

13. You don't even remember what it's like to shop in a physical store.

14. This is how you ensure you actually clean your apartment:

And not even one teeny, tiny part of your being can fathom sitting down and doing your own taxes. That's where Taxfyle comes in.