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Tell Us About The Hilarious Things You've Spent Your Tax Refund On

Ever spent your tax refund on something extravagant, funny, or just plain weird? We want to hear about it! Head to TaxAct to get your max refund this year!

Getting your tax refund is the best, right?

You wait and wait and then finally, there it is: that sweet, sweet cash.

So tell us, have you ever bought something totally awesome with your tax refund?

A trip to Indonesia? A down payment on a new car? A large painting of your own face?

We want to hear about it. Tell us all about your impulse buys! Bonus points if you include a picture!

Share your story via the box below. The best responses may be featured in a BuzzFeed sponsored post!

(Remember: Anything you send is covered by the BuzzFeed User Terms.)