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    I Tried Tiktok's Viral Flintts Mouthwatering Mints For Oral Sex, And It Was Mind-Blowing

    When TikTok inspires you to put your money where your mouth is. *wink*

    Hello, everyone! My name is Tatyannah, and if you’ve read my previous posts for BuzzFeed, you might already be aware that I enjoy sharing about sexperiments (sexual experiments) —whether they’re something I came up with randomly or became inspired to try by TV shows, viral TikToks, or ideas from friends.

    Recently I got a text from my sister asking, "Have you heard about Flintts Mints, the dick-sucking mints from TikTok?" I had no idea what she was talking about at first. She explained that they’re quick-dissolving mints that combat dry mouth, and people are using them to produce more spit during oral sex.

    Since the launch of Flintts in 2019, they've become a TikTok sensation, with videos underneath the #flinttsmints hashtag hitting a combined 10.6M views.


    back again with more videos from y’all, the creativity lately is 😭 #flinttsmints #mouthwateringmints #salivachallenge #cottonmouth

    ♬ Chug jug with you - Roughan Featherstone

    Though they're marketed as mints for cannabis users to alleviate cotton mouth rather than for sexual purposes, one of the videos in the compilation of clips from customers in the TikTok above has the caption: "Holy shit. Buy these and give your man some godly gluck gluck." This inspired me to put my money where my mouth is — no pun intended. Plus, as someone who occasionally uses cannabis before sex, I was instantly sold — because getting cotton mouth from smoking is the worst thing to happen right before giving a blowjob.

    So I ordered the 3 Pack Lemon F Strength 250 ($15). It's their second strongest flavor, and, as soon as it arrived that evening, my mouth was ready. Later that night my boyfriend and I cuddled and watched movies. I ended up smoking, and the next thing I know, we were ripping each other’s clothes off.

    Flintts Mints Lemon F Strength 250
    Tatyannah King

    I had already been rambling on about the Flintts Mints for nearly a week, so it was no shock to my boyfriend when I pulled out one of those mouth-watering mints from the pack. After I popped one of the mints in my mouth, I let it start to dissolve in the middle of my tongue. Literally, less than a minute in, my mouth began to tingle, and I smiled with a devilish grin in anticipation of what would happen next.

    Admittedly, the tingle felt weird at first, but not in a bad way. The best way I can describe how it felt in my mouth is like this:

    Tatyannah King sitting on bed and opening Flintts Mints pack
    Tatyannah King

    You know how McDonald’s Sprite tastes spicier than any other kind of Sprite? Almost like there’s a bit of electricity in the ingredients? Well, the Lemon flavor of Flintts Mints had the strength of McDonald’s Sprite, but in mint form. It was so strong that it made my tongue feel slightly numb, but it was invigorating enough for my mouth to get used to the warm sensation and acidic taste of lemon. After four minutes of swirling the mint around my tongue, I went from feeling the warm tingle to literally slobbering like a bulldog. That's when I suddenly activated the sloppy-toppy, super-soaker suction gluck gluck gobble gobble with double spit. The uncontrollable drooling with thicker spit lasted for about 7–10 minutes. Then, when the mint dissolved completely, the consistency of my spit wasn't as thick as before, but my mouth was still a lot more watery than it would have been if I tried to produce more spit on my own, without any mints. 

    I asked my boyfriend what he thought of the whole experience after we were done, and he said: “It was unintentionally funny to watch you at times with all the drool, but it was mostly hot. I’d give it a 10/10.”

    Coincidently, my boyfriend isn’t the only person who appreciates the creative use behind these mints.

    Russell Adler, Head Formulator at Flintts, appreciates how innovative people have gotten with the mints and is flattered to have played a part in people’s most intimate moments.

    “Flintts is a drug-positive and sex-positive wellness brand. We do not judge. Radical self-expression is an important part of our ethos,” Adler said. “To me, Flintts Mints are a tool like a chisel or a hammer. The tool acts as an extension of the person holding it. We love to see all the amazing ways people use Flintts Mints – even the racier ways.”

    Ultimately, my experiment with Flintts Mints was one of the most interesting sexual encounters I’ve ever had. It’ll turn the most average blowjobs into an award-winning experience. But aside from how steamy it was, I also enjoyed how playful and silly it allowed me to be, and for those reasons, I'll definitely be using Flintts Mints again.

    Tatyannah King poses with Flintts Mints
    Tatyannah King

    And just in case you don't have the energy to go deep into reading right now, enjoy this TikTok I made about my experience!

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