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Meek Mill Caught Trying To Creep With Tyga's Baby Black Chyna

Meek Mill caught trying to sleep with Black Chyna

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Via http://TattleTailzz

Blac Chyna and Meek Mill! They are apparently doing their thing and of course behind Tyga’s back. We have DM messages from twitter and text messages. Meek Mill even went as far as sending a private area pic of himself to Ms. Chyna. Now, I wonder if Meek is on tour and if so, where will he be? In the DM you can see where he tells her that he will be in her city and that they should get together, but Blac responded with an “Excuse Me?” type of message. Then he went as far as to say that she was acting “BRAND NEW”…. I take that as, this is not the first time they’ve linked up with one another secretly. And Tyga wifed, impregnated and put this girl up in a lavish house. Who would want to put them on blast? You can see that these messages were done last night into this morning…. It’s like they got busted before they got started..If this is even true.. I am starting to think that Meek had something to do with this.

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