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Chris Lighty Was Expecting A Baby And Not by His Wife

Chris Lighty Was Expecting A Baby And Not by His Wife

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Shocking News Exclusive: New details days after Chris Lighty’s death.

Allegedly the late Chris Lighty is expecting a baby, and not with his estranged wife Veronica.

Due to the nature of this news we were asked to withhold some information and names and we agreed.

Chris Lighty was expecting a baby and it was not from his wife Veronica. Veronica was aware of the pregnancy and the other female. She didn’t want to she him happy. Their marriage was not repairable.

The female that is pregnant by the late Chris Lighty (name is withheld) but she works in the industry and is an assistant to another powerful hip hop mogul.

Chris Lighty’s death devastated his family friends and the hip hop world. Some people still question if it was murder or suicide even after the medical examiner ruled it as suicide.

Veronica spoke out and immediately blamed his suicide on finance but we hear that he was depressed and she played a big part of his depression.

Our prayers go out to the Lighty family.

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