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    10 Annoying Things People Say And Do In Tattoo Shops.

    Working in a tattoo studio isn't all it's cracked up to be. Each and every day we get asked to do the impossible. We're asked to work for next to nothing and we have to put up with some really annoying behaviour. Here's a small list of some of those things.

    1. Tattoo gun

    2. "How much is a sleeve and can you get me in to get it ALL done THIS WEEK?"

    3. "I don't know what I want. What do you think I should get?"

    4. "Is it going to hurt?"

    5. "Can you draw up a few designs for me to choose from and then I'll book in if I like any of them?"

    6. When people bring more than one person with them.

    7. When people bring their kids with them.

    8. When people ask you to put a dead family member's ashes in the ink.

    9. "Can you not do it any cheaper?"

    10. "I've never had a tattoo before but I want a big rose to fill the side of my neck"