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    12 Multicultural Kids' Book Apps Every Parent Should Know

    Perpetually infuriated by the lack of multicultural children's apps? Fret no more! Just in time for Multicultural Children's Book Day, here are a dozen storybook apps to teach your little one about empathy, compassion, and diversity! #ReadYourWorld

    1. Up and Down

    2. Collins Big Cat

    3. Mama Mae: Mookey

    4. Fam Bam Got to Have Music

    5. Nate's Big Hair

    6. Dentist Bird: A West African Folktale

    7. Wee You-Things

    8. A Day in the Market

    9. The Great Sasquatch

    10. Frida's World

    11. Fatima Al Fihria

    12. The Legend of Momotaro

    There you have it! Twelve fail-safe ways to keep your child entertained and informed all at once. You're never too young to be a global citizen!