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Mar 16, 2020

This Video Of Brandon Flowers From The Killers Washing His Hands Singing "Mr. Brightside" Will Make You Want To Rewash Yours

Don't come out of your cage and you'll do just fine!

Everyone knows the lyrics to "Mr. Brightside" by the Killers. It's impossible not to have it stuck in your head as soon as it comes on.

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Whether you'd like to admit it or not, "Mr. Brightside" is a song that is extremely enjoyable to sing. Within the first minute of writing this, I had to sing the whole thing to myself.

UMC / Via

Turns out "Mr. Brightside" is also the perfect song to wash your hands to!

The Killers' lead, Brandon Flowers, shared a video on Twitter of himself washing his hands while singing the band's iconic song.

Why sing "Happy Birthday" to yourself when you can belt out "Mr. Brightside"? It'll make you want to sing the whole thing instead of just washing your hands for 20 seconds.

Def Jam

Not only would you be helping to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus, but you'd also get to have fun doing so! It might even inspire you to relisten to Hot Fuss during social distancing.

The Killers / Via

If you need more ~variety~ and don't want to get sick of "Mr. Brightside," here are more songs to wash your hands to.