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    Warner Bros. Will Release "Birds Of Prey" On Demand Early Amid The Coronavirus Pandemic

    You can watch Harley Quinn kick some butt from the comfort of your home soon!

    The coronavirus outbreak has caused some huge, unexpected changes in the entertainment industry.

    Heath Korvola / Getty Images

    Now that many movie theaters are temporarily closing to prevent the coronavirus from spreading, studios are deciding to share their titles through home entertainment early.

    On Monday, NBC Universal announced that all recent titles will be released through video on demand for an indefinite time.

    Universal Pictures

    This includes films that are currently in theaters, like Emma and The Invisible Man, as well as the upcoming Trolls World Tour, which was meant to debut in theaters on April 17.

    Now Warner Bros. will release the Harley Quinn-focused Suicide Squad spin-off Birds of Prey digitally on March 24. It's far earlier than expected, as the movie is still playing in select theaters.

    Warner Bros.

    This news comes after Birds of Prey director Cathy Yan tweeted in support of the movie being on video on demand early.

    I would not be opposed to putting Birds of Prey on VOD earlier.

    For those like me who didn't get to watch Harley kick some butt in theaters, this is great news!

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