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    14 Tweets For "The Bachelor" Fans Who Are Shocked After That Cliffhanger In Peter's Finale

    This cliffhanger is the ultimate game-changer for Peter.

    After quite a wild ride, we're almost at the end of Peter's season of The Bachelor. In the finale, Peter has to choose between Madison and Hannah Ann.


    🚨 Spoilers ahead 🚨!

    In part one on Monday night, it looked like Peter was leaning towards Madi...


    That is, until Madison gave us one of the biggest plot twists in Bachelor history. She made the surprising decision to tell Peter "I don't think we're the best for each other" and leave.

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    Does this mean he'll follow his mom's advice and propose to Hannah Ann, or will Peter walk away without anyone? We won't know until the second part of the finale, but it's tough to think about anything other than this massive cliffhanger.


    To make matters even more bonkers, the preview for the second part of the finale shows Chris Harrison asking Madison if she's in love with Peter, hinting at them reuniting.


    Fans on Twitter were absolutely shocked by Madi's decision and had *a lot* on their minds.

    Madi back to fuck up the proposal?!?! #TheBachelor

    Madi hightailing it away from that final rose ceremony like #TheBachelor

    Peter realizing he has to go back to Hannah Ann after saying he would rather be with madi #TheBachelor

    Peter saying his heart is being pulled in two directions meanwhile Madison literally LEFT and he hasn’t told Hannah Ann that and Hannah Ann thinks Peter is saying this while Madi is still there... IMAGINE IF SHE KNEW SHE LEFT!! Oh my word Peter. Oh my word. #TheBachelor

    Peter: I want Madi. Madi: *leaves* Peter: I’m in love with Hannah Ann. Me: #TheBachelor #rightreasons

    us to peter's mom when Madi leaves #TheBachelor

    Me when Madi leaves vs. me when Madi comes back in the previews #TheBachelor

    PETER TRYNA PARTY madi tryna go to bible study #TheBachelor

    Hannah Ann: it seems like something is off. All of #bachelornation: #TheBachelor #TheBachelorFinale

    I’ve put in so many hours this season only to be left with Hannah Ann. #thebachelor

    Of course Madi is coming back tomorrow. You think there was a way the producers could fill two hours of TV with just Hannah Ann? #TheBachelor

    One of these poor girls is going to have Barb as an in-law and the other is going to be ruthlessly pursued by Blake. No one wins. #TheBachelor

    #TheBachelor Madison: if you sleep with anyone else I’m going to break up with you Peter: lol ok *Peter sleeps with 2 other people• Madison: I’m going to break up with you Peter:

    Chris Harrison has been hyping up how wild this finale will be for a while, and now we'll have to see how it all unfolds.

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