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Tormund From "Game Of Thrones" Tested Positive For COVID-19 And Fans Sent Support By Telling Him To Drink Giant's Milk

"That’s how I got so strong: giant's milk."

On Monday, Kristofer Hivju, who Game of Thrones fans recognize for his role as Tormund Giantsbane, announced in an Instagram post that he tested positive for the coronavirus.

Game of Thrones fans reached out in support, with many referencing Tormund's memorable quote from season 8.

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In the final season, Tormund explained how he received the name Giantsbane, saying, "I killed a giant when I was 10. Then I climbed right into bed with his wife. When she woke up, you know what she did? Suckled me at her teat for three months. Thought I was her baby. That’s how I got so strong: giant's milk."

Tormund's giant's milk story became one of the biggest memes from Game of Thrones' final season.

Spoiler Alert: Robin Arryn is the bastard of Tormund Giantsbane 🤣🤣 #GameOfThornes #bigwoman

Everyone while Tormund is telling his Giantsbane story: #GoT

Tormund: giant milk Everyone: o__o Tormund: #gameofthrones #got

Illustrator Alex Solis even made fan art of kid Tormund smirking while dripping milk.

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so if you find some giant's milk, please send it to Kristofer ASAP!