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    Steve-O Pulled A Very Wild Stunt Of Duct-Taping Himself To A Billboard

    He's still a wild boy!

    Pre-pandemic, the Jackass crew was meant to reunite this year to film Jackass 4. That didn't pan out because of COVID-19, so we won't get to see the guys back in action 'til September 2021.

    But thankfully, Steve-O isn't letting the pandemic stop him from pulling off a very Jackass-worthy stunt.

    On Thursday, the Jackass and Wildboyz star strapped himself to a billboard to promote his comedy special, Gnarly, which is only available to stream via his site.

    Steve-o duct taped himself to a billboard good morning Los Angeles!

    The billboard's location is on North Cahuenga Boulevard in LA.

    He even took some selfies while being duct-taped and assured that there's zero chance of him falling off it. But, tbh, as a clumsy person, I'm very, very concerned for his phone!

    Fox 11 Los Angeles filmed Steve-O as he took pictures of the crowd below him. It's equally hilarious and terrifying to watch.

    Steve-O taking selfies of the crowd below him while being duct-taped to a billboard
    Fox 11 Los Angeles / Via Facebook Live

    After seeing this, now all I want is for Jackass to come back! 2021 cannot come soon enough.

    MTV / Via