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    A Video Of Shia LaBeouf Getting Tested For COVID Went Viral Because Of How Wholesome It Is

    Ah, to be Yesenia...

    Look, maybe it's because I've seen too many pics of celebrities hanging out with famous folks maskless, or because I haven't interacted with a man IRL in who knows how long, but watching Shia LaBeouf happily getting tested for COVID is doing it for me.

    Shia LaBeouf getting tested for COVID-19
    @gtdubs91 / Via TikTok

    On Monday, TikToker @gtdubs91, whose name is Tyler Wilson, uploaded a video of Shia getting a nose swab test. Since Shia has no social media and Tyler's based in Nashville, it's unclear how Tyler got his hands on it. But the video quickly went viral because Shia's so damn charming in it.


    ♬ original sound - gtdubs91

    After being asked to confirm his date of birth, Shia asks the person administering the nose swab test her name.

    @gtdubs91 / Via TikTok

    Then, when someone next to him asks if one nostril is "less deep" than the other, he kindly assures that it's "the same thing."

    @gtdubs91 / Via TikTok

    The nose swab test can be pretty uncomfortable. Yesterday, I saw a grown man squirm while being tested because he couldn't stand having a swab up his nose. And as someone who's been tested a couple of times already, I can say that while it's not the worst thing, it's definitely not great. But Shia handled it like a champ.

    Shia LaBeouf getting tested for COVID-19
    @gtdubs91 / Via TikTok

    He was extremely sweet to Yesenia, saying "Aw, you got a sweet touch! What are they talking about?! What are you talking about?!"

    @gtdubs91 / Via TikTok

    He also ends the video thanking her, which is very nice.

    Honestly, I didn't have a crush on Shia before this, but now I'm in love. I think this tweet sums it up:

    All I got from me tweeting that is that girls are HORNY for Shia

    So, in case it's not clear, being kind to healthcare workers and taking necessary health precautions is hot as hell!!! So please do it!


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