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    Here's What The "Parks And Recreation" Characters Are Up To During The COVID-19 Pandemic

    Feels so good to see them again!

    The Parks and Recreation one-off special finally arrived! It feels so good to see all these familiar faces again!

    In case you didn't get a chance to watch but want to know spoilers anyway, here's what your favorite Pawneeans have been up to:

    Leslie Knope:

    Bobby Newport:

    Ben Wyatt:

    Ron Swanson:

    April Ludgate:

    Andy Dwyer:

    Ann Perkins:

    Chris Traeger:

    Tom Haverford:

    Donna Meagle:


    Joan Callamezzo:

    Dennis Feinstein:

    Perd Hapley:

    Jeremy Jamm:

    Jean-Ralphio Saperstein:

    Tammy 2:

    Li'l Sebastian:

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    Okay, so Li'l Sebastian's still in horsey heaven, but he's with the Pawneeans in spirit. Andy breaks out the guitar to sing the Mouse Rat original "5,000 Candles in the Wind" and the Park and Rec gang sings along.