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    Attention Clone Club: The "Orphan Black" Cast Is Reuniting For A Table Read

    Get ready, Clone Club!

    We've seen the casts of many beloved TV shows reunite for table reads amid the COVID-19 pandemic and now Orphan Black is the latest to join the list.

    That's right – we get to see Tatiana Maslany as the clone sisters again!

    BBC America shared the announcement on Monday, with a short preview featuring cast members Evelyne Brochu, Kristian Bruun, Jordan Gavaris, Dylan Bruce, Kathryn Alexandre, Inga Cadranel, Josh Vokey, Eric Johnson, Natalie Lisinska, Kevin Hanchard, John Fawcett, and of course, Tatiana herself.

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    Fans will get a table read of TWO episodes, 106 and 107. Like other table reads, this one's also for charity, supporting CenterLink and Sistering. It'll be streamed on the Orphan Black Facebook page on May 17 at 3 p.m. ET/ 12 p.m. PT.

    Turns out the table read was Tatiana and Kristian's idea. Tatiana shared the details of how it all came together to Deadline.

    "Kristian Bruun and I started talking about the idea of doing an OB reunion back when everything had shut down. We wanted to show love to Clone Club and help raise some money for people who are disproportionately affected during this difficult time,” she said.

    She also discussed why they chose CenterLink and Sistering as the charities to help out amid the pandemic.

    "CenterLink supports over 250 LGBTQ community centers across the world. Our LGBTQ fans have always been deeply important to us."

    "Sistering Toronto helps at risk, socially isolated women and trans people in Toronto, who are certainly in dire need right now of support, resources, and healthcare. In addition to raising funds, we hope that we can bring some joy to the fans, something intimate just for them, make them feel connected to the Clone Club community even if we’re all far apart.”

    If you've been waiting to see the cast reunite, you can't miss it!