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    Netflix Has A Rom-Com In The Works Based On "Queer Eye" Star Antoni Porowski's Sexually Fluid Dating Life

    Great news for everyone who's had a huge crush on Antoni!

    You know Antoni Porowski. He's the National-loving, guacamole-making food expert and hottie of Queer Eye.


    Many who've become fans of the Netflix show have crushed hard on Antoni. And now we'll get to learn more about what Antoni's dating life is actually like.

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    On Tuesday, the Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Netflix has a rom-com in the works based on Antoni's dating experiences as someone who is sexually fluid, called Girls & Boys.

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    Antoni developed the story with Black-ish and Grown-ish creator Kenya Barris, who will also produce the movie, and the script will be written by Pen15 writers Andrew Rhymer and Jeff Chan.

    Last year, Antoni told GQ that though he primarily dates men, he has been in relationships with women and considers himself "queer" rather than "gay."

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    "I don’t really know, and I kind of like not knowing. I feel like if I do refer to myself as gay, which would make it easier for people to understand sometimes, I feel like it dishonors women that I've been in love with,” he said to GQ.

    Bruce Glikas / Bruce Glikas / FilmMagic

    No other details about the rom-com have been released yet, so it's unclear whether Antoni will play himself or if someone else will take on the role. But I hope whoever is starring will sport an equally great collection of band T-shirts.

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