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    My Chemical Romance Postponed Their Comeback Tour And Fans Are Really Not Okay

    Sorry, MCR fans — but it's better off this way.

    As you probably know, My Chemical Romance announced their comeback last October and had their first reunion show in December. Some lucky fans in LA got to see these legends return to the stage.

    The band then announced a full tour for 2020 in January with an Easter egg–filled short film calling back to the band's different phases.

    Seemingly every MCR fan raced to buy tickets for the reunion, and it was A LOT to deal with. I was lucky enough to get tickets, but my wallet definitely suffered that day.

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    Well, unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic changed everyone's plans and now MCR has officially moved their tour dates to 2021.

    Reprise Records / Via

    The band made the announcement on Tuesday.

    Fans knew it was inevitable, but let's just say they're not okay.

    can you belive we all went through all that shit with ticketmaster just for our mcr shows to get probably rescheduled because of the damn rona

    remember when i thought i’d get to see mcr this year

    the amount of mcr content we wouldve had if corona just waited a fucking year or something

    WAIT MCR PUSHED BACK THE DATES im deactivating my account

    my chemical romance just pushed their tour back to next year. i’ll be in my room bawling if anyone needs me

    my chemical romance rescheduled their fucking tour... ahaha can this year get any fucking worse

    Welp! Can it be 2021 already?

    Reprise Records / Via