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    The 1975's Matty Healy Tweeted A Joke About Not Wanting To Support Bands Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic And It Brought Up An Important Conversation

    Bands explain why it's important to support indie artists right now.

    On Tuesday, The 1975's Matty Healy tweeted a joke about people in indie bands asking for support amid the coronavirus outbreak.

    The now-deleted tweet read "Stop telling people to support you, we don't want your EP and zine bundle right now Laura, we're going to die."

    People on Twitter were quick to call him out, explaining that many bands who've had to cancel tours amid the coronavirus pandemic rely on fans purchasing their music and merchandise to be financially stable.

    Matt Healy shows his true privileged self yet again and his best mate and biggest fan at the newspaper stays dead silent until he's cool again lmfao

    For someone who's normally so compassionate and empathetic, this joke is a huge miss. So many smaller artists are going to be suffering financially and are wondering how they're going to pay rent and feed themselves. Let them produce what little revenue they can, ffs.

    Dude, I love your band, but this tweet is fucking ridiculous. Not every musician is in a band your size and can survive Matty. Music is a great distraction in times like these too. In between thousands of posts regarding the virus it's nice seeing different shit. No?

    just say ur rich and privileged and move on ! respect & support small artists !!!

    After the backlash, Matty said he deleted the tweet "in case anybody anywhere got offended."

    I deleted my joke incase anybody anywhere got offended 👌🏼

    But he also said he's not sorry for the tweet.

    @ughholl I’m not sorry I’m just bored

    He then clarified the intention behind the joke.

    It was a joke about the current narrative on social media NOT a serious comment on the economic status of aspiring artists - to make that jump is dramatic and ridiculous in my opinion and I’m not going to keep apologising about everything cos twitter says so

    If you'd like to support indie bands who cannot make a profit right now through touring and do not have the funds to stay financially afloat, artists shared ways people can help.

    Pop punk band Pom Pom Squad explained why it's important to support indie bands at this time and the best ways to do so.

    DJ Dani Deahl also noted the importance of buying merch right now.

    Musicians make the bulk of their income from touring. Cancelled festivals and shows bc of Coronavirus will be big financial losses for indie artists this year. Please consider buying a piece of merch to support your favorite indie act(s) and help art thrive. ❤️

    Best Coast suggested buying music and merch directly from artists's websites.

    If you’d like to support bands during this weird time where our industry (and many other industries) are shut down- support artists directly by buying merch/music from them via their websites, etc. Breaks my dang heart to see so many people struggling 💔

    Political punks Downtown Boys gave the tip to purchase music via Bandcamp, where the profit goes directly to bands.

    hey times are very hard for bands right now! buy up stuff on bandcamp if you can. if you purchase a digital copy of our self-titled first LP or 7" the money will go straight to the band.

    Bandcamp is waiving its revenue share on all sales on Friday, March 20.

    To support musicians during the Covid-19 pandemic, Bandcamp is waiving our revenue share on all sales this Friday, March 20, from midnight to midnight PST. Read more here:

    Record label Rough Trade urged fans to support artists by buying their music, too.

    Help support your favourite artists during this challenging time. BUY records and merch STREAM your favourite songs SHARE new music on social media TELL your friends Keep safe x

    Country artist Margo Price urged fans to "buy an album or some extra merch" after the CDC urged to cancel concerts.

    Looks like we won’t be getting back on the road anytime soon... the CDC just banned gatherings of 50 people or more for the next 8 weeks. If you were planning on catching a live show this year, now would be a great time to buy an album or some extra merch.

    If you want to support your favorite indie bands, follow those resources!