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    Eric Andre Is Finally Getting His Own Netflix Special

    Get ready to ranch it up!

    If you miss The Eric Andre Show and can't wait for the fifth season, here's something that'll keep you entertained in the meantime: Eric Andre's getting his own Netflix stand-up special!

    D Dipasupil / Getty Images

    The special is titled Legalize Everything, and as the title suggests, it's a very unhinged set about sex, drugs, and politics (you know, typical Eric).

    Adult Swim / Via

    The special was filmed in New Orleans at The Republic back in 2019, long before the pandemic.

    Eric made the announcement today on Instagram, giving a glimpse at his home:

    I was fortunate enough to catch this set when he stopped by New York City on tour, and it's absolutely hilarious. Eric Andre Show fans will not be disappointed.

    Get ready to ranch it up on June 23!

    Adult Swim / Via

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