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    Cardi B Is On OnlyFans And It's The Best Thing That's Happened Since The "WAP" Video

    "WAP" and an OnlyFans? We're not worthy.

    By now, you've likely heard Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion's song, "WAP." It's become the horny summer anthem we needed while most of us are thirsty as hell in quarantine.

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    The song's become so huge that the video surpassed 73 million views!

    #WAP has now surpassed 73 MILLION views on YouTube.

    It has 75,573,753 views as of writing this!

    On Sunday, Cardi B jokingly tweeted that she was considering starting an OnlyFans account, saying she might give fans a lot more than what they saw in the "WAP" video:

    Might get rich on onlyfans like my young girl rubi,might jerk my nikka dick on cam with my boobies .......I need a good fuckin beat.I wanna rap today.

    In her tweet, she's referring to rapper Rubi Rose (not to be confused with actor Ruby Rose), who made $100,000 on OnlyFans in two days by posting pictures that had already been shared on Instagram.

    Now our prayers have been answered: Cardi's officially on OnlyFans!

    At first, she had a bit of difficulty navigating the site:

    @iamcardib @OnlyFans help our sis out please.

    Cardi clearly cares a lot about her fans, because she lowered the price from $10 to $4.99:

    Ummm I did not know my onlyfans was charging ten dollars ...I’m bringing it down to 4.99.Ya spend too much on vinyls and my merch coming next week

    At that price, you bet I immediately subscribed!

    She shared a video on Instagram saying that her OnlyFans will not be used for porn. Instead, it's meant to show behind-the-scenes footage of the "WAP" video.

    She hasn't posted anything yet but I'm sure it'll be worth it.