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    Blue Ivy Got Starstruck Meeting LeBron James And It's The Cutest Thing I've Seen Today

    Blue Ivy loves basketball as much as her parents.

    Let's face it: It's hard to get starstruck when your mom is Beyoncé. I would be so unimpressed by everyone I meet.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    But Blue Ivy proved that no matter how famous your parents are, meeting someone you admire is still absolutely exciting.

    Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images

    After the Lakers' game on Sunday, Jay-Z introduced his 8-year-old daughter to LeBron James, and Blue was overjoyed to talk to the basketball legend.

    LeBron, Jay-Z and Blue Ivy after the Lakers’ win 🤝

    That gasp is warming my heart!


    When she had a chance to talk to him, she made a special request: a signed basketball. LeBron was happy to fulfill her request, saying "You want a ball from me? OK, I got you! I got you, alright? By the time you get out of school on Monday, you'll have it."


    His smile! I can't deal!

    Blue Ivy is living out my childhood dreams, and I'm not even mad. I'll just live vicariously through her.

    Allen Berezovsky / Getty Images

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