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    26 Insider References You May Have Missed On Bad Bunny’s New Album

    Your encyclopedia to Bad Bunny's boricua references and slang.

    Bad Bunny couldn't be prouder to be Puerto Rican.

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    He's been very vocal about political issues on the island, and has used his platform to fight for the betterment of the lives of those in Puerto Rico. Even as he gains more fame, he's decided to remain on the island.

    On his new album, YHLQMDLG, each song features Benito making references to Puerto Rican culture that — if you didn’t grow up on the island — is difficult to know their context.

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    YHLQMDLG stands for "Yo Hago Lo Que Me Da La Gana," which means "I Do Whatever I Want."

    To help, here’s a guide to the Puerto Rican cultural references he makes in each song.

    1. "Son las 5, ya va amanecer."

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    Song: “Si Veo A Tu Mamá”

    Meaning: You might be wondering why Benito's singing about drinking with his friends until 5 a.m. That seems far later than when bars typically close anywhere, right? Well, in Puerto Rico we party hard. Most bars close around 5 a.m.

    2. "A vece' la' rola' y la weed."

    Song: “La Difícil”

    Meaning: "Rola" is slang for MDMA.

    3. "Pero, ahora me gusta otra sicaria que vive por Bayamón."

    Song: “Pero Ya No”

    Meaning: Bayamón is a municipality in Puerto Rico. It has a bit of a bad rap when it comes to crimes, so he's basically saying his new girl's up to no good, referring to her as a hitwoman.

    4. "No, tranqui."

    Song: “Yo Perreo Sola"

    Meaning: "Tranqui" is short for "tranquila/tranquilo," which means "relax" or "relaxed," depending on the context.

    5. "Una malcriá' como Nairobi."


    Song: “Yo Perreo Sola"

    Meaning: The Spanish Netflix series La Casa De Papél (Money Heist) is a big hit in Puerto Rico. He's referencing a character named Nairobi, who gives zero fucks and does whatever the hell she wants. Her attitude follows the theme of the album title.

    6. "Los fili en las Louis Vuitton los guarda."

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    Song: “Yo Perreo Sola"

    Meaning: The slang term "fili" comes from Phillies blunts rolling paper. Louis Vuitton bags are a status symbol in Puerto Rico, so he's saying she smokes weed and is of an upper class.

    7. "Bichiyal"

    Amigues, come gather, "bichiyal" es un término que requiere mucha experiencia para entender. Abro hilo:

    Song: “Bichiyal"

    Meaning: As writer Frances Solá-Santiago explained, it's a term used to reclaim the negative aspects tied to "yal" – which is used to refer to women of a lower class – and turn it into an empowering word, combined with "bicha" (bitch). Basically, a "bichiyal" is a woman who may be of a lower class, but she enjoys the finer things in life.

    8. "Loca con los caco', pero que sean finos."

    Song: “Bichiyal"

    Meaning: "Cacos" are basically the Puerto Rican version of cholos. They're guys who want to be gangsters and associated with a lower socio-economic class. He's saying that she loves these types of guys, but under the condition that they're good-looking.

    9. "Le gusta montarse en los banshee y chillar."

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    Song: “Bichiyal"

    Meaning: "Banshees" are ATVs (typically referred to as "four-tracks" in Puerto Rico). They are popular in the island amongst people who live in rural areas.

    10. "Las otra mordía', no las deja brillar."

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    Song: “Bichiyal"

    Meaning: "Mordía" is slang for someone who is bitter. Basically, her squad's feeling inferior because she's hotter than them.

    11. "Los sabados en tacas, los viernes en retro."

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    Song: “La Zona"

    Meaning: "Tacas" means heels, so she's basically glamming it up on Friday and then the next day dressing down and wearing sneakers.

    12. "El perreo en Brava, los munchies en Kintaro."

    13. "Por ti les picheo, las tengo en hold."

    Sony Latin

    Song: “A Tu Merced"

    Meaning: When Benito says "picheo," he means he's ignoring all the other girls hitting him up. "Pichear" is slang for ignoring someone or something, but in this case it's full-on ghosting.

    14. "Tetas bien grandes como Lourdes Chacón."

    15. "Las nalgas bien grandes como Iris Chacón."

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    Song: “Safaera"

    Meaning: Iris Chacón is an iconic dancer and singer from Puerto Rico, known for her curves. She's also Lourdes' sister.

    16. "El blanquito bobo que estudiaba en el CUTA."

    Song: “25/8"

    Meaning: He's referring to his college, Colegio Universitario Tecnológico de Arecibo (CUTA).

    17. "$7.25, bo, con eso no se vive."

    Song: “25/8"

    Meaning: He's referencing the island's minimum wage, which is outrageously low.

    18. "Yo tengo muchos chavos, por eso 'toy Chilindrina."

    Canal 8

    Song: “25/8"

    Meaning: Chilindrina is a character from El Chavo Del Ocho. It's a Mexican show from the '70s, but it was very popular in all of Latin America, including Puerto Rico. Reruns aired regularly for decades. He's using her name because it sounds like "chillin'."

    19. "Se pasan hablando con los astro' pa' robarme las señales."

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    Song: “Puesto Pa' Guerrilar"

    Meaning: He's likening those who want to cop his musical style to Alex Cora, the Puerto Rican former manager of the Boston Red Sox, who was accused of stealing opposing catchers’ signs.

    20. "Pero a mi manera pa' la calle, Savio Vega."

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    Song: “Puesto Pa' Guerrilar"

    Meaning: Savio Vega is a wrestler from Puerto Rico.

    21. "Respeta'o en lo' barrio' y en lo' caserío' (To' el mundo me quiere)."

    Song: “P FKN R"

    Meaning: "Caseríos" are the Puerto Rican housing projects. Bad Bunny's saying that he's respected by all in the island, no matter where they're from.

    22. "Que vivan los guerreros en el Barrio Obrero/Donde hay callejones, cientos de crackeros."

    Pina Records

    Song: “P FKN R"

    Meaning: Arcángel is giving props to his old hood, Barrio Obrero, which is part of Santurce, a city in San Juan. He mentions the things that people shame the area for, including drugs, and sketchy alleys, but he still loves it regardless.

    23. "Yo soy de Juana Mato', 'tos comíamos del mismo plato."

    Song: “P FKN R"

    Meaning: Juana Matos is one of the island's housing projects.

    24. "Una onceta de krippy, con eso me calmo."

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    Song: “Hablamos Mañana"

    Meaning: "Krippy" is slang for weed.

    25. "Abuela, bendición, hoy cumplí otro goal."

    Song: “<3"

    Meaning: In Puerto Rico, it's customary to ask your grandparents for their blessing as a way to show your love and respect.

    26. "Pa' retirarme tranquilo como Miguel Cotto."

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    Song: “<3"

    Meaning: Benito says he wants to be able to retire and be set for life like Miguel Cotto, who was one of the island's most prominent boxers until retiring in 2017.