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    Ariana Grande Celebrated Her Birthday With An Intimate "Midsommar"-Themed Party And It's Everything I Want

    Ariana became May Queen for the day!

    Ariana Grande and I both celebrated our birthdays over the weekend, but while my quarantine Zoom birthday party was very fun, I'm extremely jealous of Ariana's actual party.

    My fellow Cancer queen celebrated with a Midsommar-themed party! As someone who is obsessed with A24 films, it's everything I didn't know I needed.

    On Saturday, a day after her actual birthday, Ariana shared the pictures on Instagram and she really went all out.


    Florence Pugh was impressed and passed along the May Queen title.

    The pictures were taken by her friend and photographer, Alfredo Flores:

    Ariana didn't have many people in attendance besides her family, a handful of friends, and, of course, her boyfriend Dalton Gomez. (No bear costume for Dalton because he's a keeper!) Even though there's a whole year left till my birthday, after looking at these pics I'm already thinking of which A24 movie to use as a theme for my next one.

    UPDATE: Of course, it's absolutely not advisable to not don masks in groups of people who you don't live with. So if you plan on recreating Ariana's party in quarantine, please use proper precautions!