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One Major Flaw In Wonder Woman

First off, if you saw the hit movie Wonder Woman, you would know everything was flawless except the death that didn't need to happen. Steve Trevor's death to be exact. Now it took me a while to process that they just killed off Diana's first true love without blinking an eye, but they really didn't need to.

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The gas was eliminated with fire.


When Doctor Poison was showing General Ludendorff how she perfected the gas, she extinguished it to preventing it from breaking out of the small gas chamber she created.

Chief, Charlie, and Sameer exploded the warehouse


If you remember correctly, Chief, Sameer, and Charlie made sure that all the toxic gas in the warehouse could never be used by planting bombs and exploding it.

Why did Steve Trevor have to fly the plane to explode it?


How come all the gas in the warehouse was able to be planted with a bunch of bombs, but the plane couldn't have been planted with the bomb and leave it on the ground to explode? He did NOT need to sacrifice his life to explode that plane off the ground, it could have exploded on the ground with him far away.

What happened to the girl power?


And for those of you saying "Oh but he had to die, it gave Diana the power to defeat her brother!!!" No, she had the power all along and she should have had the power all along without needing the love of her life to die to access that power. Instead it should have been like he said something hurtful about her or her mother or her deceased aunt that gave her the power to defeat him

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One Major Flaw In Wonder Woman

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