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9 Reasons Why You Should Do Your Traveling In College

But as a college student, there's no time like the present to take advantage of the chance to travel, and here's why:

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1. Youthful energy won't last forever.


Have you ever been baffled by a friend's seemingly crazy life decision, like getting married at nineteen and having babies at twenty? Whatever your opinion may be, that's actually when our bodies are most resilient for something that physically stressful. In the same way, traveling, in all is unpredictability, is easiest to do when you're young, and your bodies can handle sleeping on rickety old hostel cots or sacrificing sleep to catch a train or a flight. You don't wanna be stuck doing that when you're starting to feel the aches and pains of.....gasp...old age.

2. You learn to appreciate your financial savvy.


As a young world traveler, budgeting eventually becomes your middle name. Working with a college income (or, ahem, a lack thereof...) will better prepare you for future travel endeavors than you may realize - a skill that will pay off tremendously. You will be forced to think on your feet, think smart, and be ready for monetary hiccups that will inevitably come along. But all the struggles endured and lessons learned as a twentysomething will make you appreciate your trips in later adult life (assuming you enter somewhat stable employment) all the more...when you actually can afford that escargot.

3. You can travel when you're single...

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...and it is amazing. While it's not an absolute that going abroad while in a relationship means you're destined for a crappy time, you do deprive yourself of certain opportunities, and not necessarily just the dating scene. Being overseas is a time to fully immerse yourself in an entirely new world, and it's awfully difficult to do that successfully when your mind (and your heart) is back home. Exciting opportunities like these don't come along every day, so before taking off, take time to reflect on where you are in life and where you truly want to be, especially with someone else.

4. ...and traveling with kids is a whole new ballgame.

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No one fantasizes about spending their lifelong dream trip in Paris toting around their screaming toddlers or figuring out how to say babysitter or cloth diapers in French. While family trips can be wonderful and create memories you'll cherish forever, remember that your single years are finite. Enjoy the freedom they bring while you have them.

And let's be real...taking responsibility for yourself alone is a big enough task on its own.

5. The hostel experience is unlike any other- and definitely worth taking advantage of.


Hostels are a fantastic way to meet fascinating people from all over the world, depending on where you stay. They're tailored for individual or small group travelers - perfect for the college generation. Generally speaking, they're inexpensive, located in prime tourist-y spots, and offer free wi-fi. Some hostels even host communal gatherings such as group dinners, during which residents can split the cost of the meal and enjoy it together. Search diligently and patiently, and you're bound to find a hostel that best suits your needs.

6. It bolsters your resume.


In this increasingly globalized job market, employers are impressed by candidates with travel experience, and the more you have, the better. Whether you took courses abroad or traveled to a third world country for a service trip, expressing how those experiences affected you and what you learned from them is an invaluable resume gold star.

7. You can travel with groups of friends.


This is a season in life when the peak of one's worries is simply to stay in school. Before getting jobs, starting families, moving, and other major life events start taking place, what better time to enjoy the here and now with your best buds than by seeing the world together? Regret is a terrible emotion - don't look back on your early twenties wishing you had bought that plane ticket, or accepted that invitation. Just do it already.

8. The sooner in life you starting shedding your ethnocentrism, the better.

No one likes an ignorant fool. It's all too easy to keep cracking the same dated racist jokes you heard constantly in high school. But meeting those people yourself, finally putting faces to the figures, will totally rock your perspective. No, the French don't all dye their poodles pink, and no, you are not doomed to catch ebola and die if you visit, like, anywhere in Africa...

Appreciating groups of people for their differences and idiosyncrasies comes through exposing yourself to new cultures. If anything, you may even start to notice that your own culture isn't exactly perfect, either.

9. The longer you wait, the less likely you are to do it.


Seriously. What are you waiting for! Leaving your motherland to visit another country is an opportunity of a lifetime. The longer you put off seizing that window of opportunity, the more the woes and obligations of late adulthood (aging bodies - including but not limited to neck chins, as Justin demonstrates for us here, - worse hangovers, bills, work, kids, elderly parents, puppy potty training) of late adulthood will prevent that from happening. The blisses of youth are finite privileges (see #1.)

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