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13 Reasons Why NYC Changes Your Life

Ever wondered what it is about New York that sweeps you off your feet? Whatever the reason, perhaps the following list will clarify what it is about the Big Apple that makes it so magical.

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The déjà vu one experiences when they realize they've definitely seen a place before...

author's photograph a major motion picture, perhaps? (coughcoughGHOSTBUSTERS).

Behold, the massive New York Library.

The way the Central Park Zoo makes you feel like a kid again...

author's video matter what your age.

The streetside standout fashion statements...

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...that you'll simply never forget. I saw this man walking just off Fifth Avenue, and he wasn't alone. His companions were a Chihuahua (which he was toting in his stroller there) and, in case you didn't see it, a gray parrot - ON HIS HEAD. As if that weren't enough, the parrot was carrying a compact disc in his beak.

I stopped asking questions long ago.

The treasures you find when you venture just outside the city

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Remember TLC's Cake Boss? Buddy's main shop, Carlo's Bake Shop, is located in Hoboken, New Jersey, a twenty-minute bus ride from the Big City.

Did we mention the shopping? How bout ordinarily everyday stores that New York suddenly makes fabulous?

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Check out this dimly-lit yet eye-catching Fifth Avenue Abercrombie store setup. It has three stories, enormous mirrors, enough cologne and perfume to swim laps in, and (my favorite) flawlessly shirtless models standing at the storefront, with whom you can have your picture taken for free. #lifemade

No matter your background, your fashion style, your personality, whether your a city mouse or a country bumpkin, New York has a way of captivating our mustard-drenched hotdog at a time.

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