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20 Reasons Why Summer Fairs Are Awesomely A-MURR-ICAN

Ever tried describing what it is about fairs that are so frickin' fun? Read on.

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1. The corn dog, the funnel cake, and cotton candy are all staples of the fair-goers diet.


According to Time magazine, all three of these summertime yummies are included on the official list of the Top 10 State Fair Foods. Even though the hot dog's origins trace back to Germany, and the funnel cake's to Anglo-Norman cookbooks, nothing says "American summer nights" like this sugar- and calorie-laden trifecta (cotton candy, however, was invented by an American dentist, if you can believe it...)

4. Country music, the genre soundtrack to the American experience, is always at a summer fair.

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The Mississippi Valley State Fair in Davenport, Iowa, for instance, hosts a new country artist performance every single night. Alan Jackson, a crowd favorite who appeared in the summer of 2014, sparked such an enthusiastic response stemming from the most passionate pride in our country I have ever witnessed, that one couldn't help but learn to love his music and relish the feeling of being American.

9. Where else is it socially acceptable to shamelessly play with tons of cute animals?!


From teeny, tiny, fluffy ducklings, to enormous draft horses, fairs almost always include some sort of fantastic menagerie experience for fair-goers. It's THE place where your blue ribbon pig, Mirabelle, can truly shine.

16. Also, assuming your stomach is still in tact from aaaall that food, time for a mechanical bull ride!

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17. Get ready for some downright weird contests.

Via at the Utah State Fair, where folks save up their stinkiest shoes all year long in hopes of winning the annual Rotten Sneaker Contest, sponsored by Odor Eaters. The winner earns the Golden Sneaker Award, a cash prize, and automatic entry to the national smelly shoe championships.

Yes, that is a thing.

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