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    25 Summer Beauty Products From Target That Actually Do What They Say They Will

    Finally, some go-to's you'll actually appreciate.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A tube of Black Girl Sunscreen that has become a cult favorite! This works wonders to provide supreme levels of sun protection all without the awful ghost-like cast. Just like magic!

    A tube of sunscreen atop a dresser drawer with a lit candle

    2. A Tigi hair wand for hair mavens committed to scoring a curly masterpiece. It has digital controls for oh-so-easy styling and heats up to 430 degrees to sculpt ALL hair types to perfection.

    A person styling their hair with a heat-styling tool

    3. A color correcting cream that fulfills your makeup and skincare wants and needs. This baby keeps a light beat in mind to provide you the perfect level of coverage sans the heavy feel. Plus, it shields against sun damage and disguises dark spots and redness like a pro. 💖

    A person applying color-correcting cream

    4. A cleansing balm because removing makeup and impurities from skin doesn't have to be a daunting task. Thanks to its vitamin E and eucalyptus oil, this oil-based formula melts onto skin like butter to provide a deep clean with lasting moisture. Bing bong!

    A person using cleansing balm on their face

    5. A bottle of Wonder Water treatment expertly crafted to transform dull, lackluster strands into a stunning masterpiece. This product works in just EIGHT seconds to give straight, wavy, curly, and kinky tresses the TLC they need. Pricey salon treatments? Don't know her!

    A bottle of wonder water treatment, foundation, two eyeshadow compacts, and a lipstick

    6. A Revlon combination hair dryer and styler designed to provide your mane the best of both worlds. This tool helps you achieve movie star volume sans the excess heat. Healthier hair, do care!

    A person using a heat styling tool

    7. A Dove body scrub crafted to help you make dry, dead skin yesterday's news. Formulated with macademia, rice milk, and exfoliating beads, this essential helps you score soft, moisturized skin in a snap. Plus, it offers a floral scent to transform your shower into a garden-like oasis.

    A person applying body polish to their skin

    8. A bottle of The Ordinary hyaluronic acid serum beauty lovers count on to replenish, hydrate skin, and give your skin the ultimate boost of radiance. Glow baby, glow✨!

    A bottle of hyaluronic acid serum

    9. A moisturizing body oil crafted to envelop your skin with feel-good moisture that lasts and lasts. It offers a nourishing blend of cocoa butter, sunflower oil, and vitamin E, to hydrate your skin sans the greasiness. Pour a few drops in your bath or layer it on your skin post-shower — the choice is yours!

    A bottle of body oil laid on top of beans in a plate

    10. A Milani cream-gel brow pomade for peeps looking to rock stay-put brows in the heat. This number comes complete with a dual-ended brush that precisely defines, fills, and shapes your brow fringe just like your go-to MUA. How does it feel to be the beauty goddess's favorite?

    An open brow pout with a swatch

    11. A glass foot file that'll have your pumice stone shaking in fear of losing its place. The soft pink polisher gently sloughs away callouses with ease and gives your feet the soft reset it needs.

    A person using a pink glass foot file while balancing on a rolled up towel

    12. A can of dry shampoo meant to tide you over until your next wash day. This essential soaks up oils like a sponge, refreshes and gives your mane major lift for a fresh out of the salon look. Hello? Your Target cart awaits! 💖

    A can of dry shampoo, notebooks, a stapler, and two flower pots

    13. A jar of curling gel that's my personal savior for keeping my bouncy spirals in tip-top shape. This flaxseed and wheat protein-infused find gives your mane definition and promotes growth — jackpot.

    A jar of curling gel

    14. A nourishing body cream designed to welcome dry skin to the wonder world of moisture. Made with cocoa butter and vitamin E, this skin-loving essential locks in hydration and leaves your skin with lasting radiance.

    A person applying body cream to their shoulder

    15. A pack of skin patches that'll be your knight in shining armor in the battle of acne. This game changer goes above and beyond to whip your skin into shape as you get beauty sleep. Simply pop this baby on and wake up in the morning to shrinked blemishes.

    A person peeling off pimple patches

    16. A hair serum, created by actor Taraji P. Henson, that's an absolute godsend to itchy scalps. Complete with a tri-touch applicator, it's infused with plant-derived ingredients that revitalize and reinvigorate the scalp. Plus, its cooling formula delivers the right level of chill that comes in major clutch for protective style wearers. 💕

    A bottle of hair serum with an aloe plant and a bottle with oil

    17. A set of under-eye patches for peeps who are ready to kiss dark-looking eyes goodbye. This number is made with vitamin E and sea kelp that boosts your eye area with hydration and gives your peepers lasting luminosity.

    A person using a set of blue under-eye patches

    18. A tub of Eco-Styler gel meant to help you slick and snatch every last strand of your baby hairs into place perfectly. This number also comes in handy to keep sleek styles in place for the long haul — all while conditioning your strands from root to tip.

    A set of two tubs of hair gel with cut olives

    19. A bottle of Urban Decay makeup setting spray because faded, runny, and smudged makeup is the ultimate beauty faux pas. This cult-favorite locks your makeup in place — even if you sweat — and provides a just-applied makeup look. Now we understand why reviewers say it's the holy grail of its kind. 💕

    A person holding a small and large bottle of makeup setting spray

    20. A self-tanning application mitt for folks who struggle to achieve a streak-less tan. This innovative find makes applying natural-looking color to every inch without the mess feel like a summer breeze.

    A bottle of sun-tanning and a self-tanning mitt

    21. An in-shower body lotion because no rule says you can't hydrate before hopping out the bathtub. Thanks to its almond oil water-activated formula, this number provides moisture that will last well after you turn off the faucet.

    A bottle of in-shower body lotion, a cup of yogurt with fruit and a wooden spoon

    22. A Remington flat iron for beauty mavens with the ~sizzling~ need to score silky smooth tresses in seconds. This tool features titanium protection coating and ceramic plates for seamless styling and anti-static technology to keep flyaways at bay.

    A person using a flat iron

    23. A jade roller meant to help you ~roll~ your way to healthier-looking skin. This must-have tool does a superb job of helping you apply serums, moisturizers, and oils evenly onto skin for maximum coverage. And for the days when the heat has you down, pop this baby in the fridge to bring on the chill!

    A small and large jade roller and gua sha massage

    24. A cream highlighter for folks ready to glow like a disco ball. it has a creamy, balmy texture that can be applied with your fingertips for a radiant-meets-dewy finish. ✨

    A highlighter compact

    25. A heritage rose water toner that has earned a coveted spot in my skincare collection. This hot find provides skin with a burst of moisture and adds a rosy scent that gives my skin the royal treatment. #QueenVibesOnly🌹

    A bottle of rosewater toner

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