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    24 Target Beauty Products With Such Good Reviews, You Won’t Even Have To Think Twice About Buying Them

    The truth is in the reviews darlings. 💕

    1. A Real Techniques makeup sponge that sets the standard for a flawless, even finish. This latex construction has a precision tip that helps cover blemishes, a flat edge for contouring and and rounding sides to blend product evenly. Plus, this number can be used dry for fuller coverage and damp for a dewy glow. ✨

    A person with a pink manicure holding an orange makeup sponge

    2. A single barrel curling wand for peeps with the ~pressing~ desire to flaunt gorgeous curls that last well past a day's wear. Made with rose gold titanium, this number adds supreme levels of shine while styling and releases negative ions to ensure frizz will not be a problem.

    A heat styling iron, the packaging box and a potted plant

    3. A Mielle Organics leave-in conditioner because supplying textured hair types with lasting moisture is a top priority. This Black woman-owned number combats frizz and seals in hydration without the weighed-down feel. Plus, it's invigorating pomegranate scent calms your mind, soothes your senses, and turns your shower into a tropical oasis. 💖

    A bottle of leave-in conditioner with a sliced pomegranate

    4. A jar of Dove body-polish scrub meant to slough away all signs of dry, dull-looking skin in a snap. It features a blend of crushed macadamia, rice milk, and exfoliating particles that leaves your skin feeling baby-soft with a floral scent. Jackpot.

    A person applying body polish to their skin

    5. A set of under-eye masks perfect for restoring life to your peepers. Formulated with biocellulose, sea kelp, and vitamin C, this skin-savior brightens and provides the under-eye area with proper moisture for healthy-looking skin. Free game: Pop these babies in the fridge before application for a chilly refreshment. 💕

    A person using a blue under-eye mask

    6. A bottle of L'Oréal Paris Wonder Water treatment created to transform all hair types into silky-smooth tresses. This number works in just EIGHT seconds to give dry, unruly strands the royal treatment. Cancel the salon appointment, boo!

    7. A Nyx Cosmetics butter lip gloss that reviewers claim give high-end picks a run for their money. Known for its non-sticky, moisturizing formula, this bad boy gives your pout a glorious dollop of color with illuminating shine that goes the distance.✨

    A person wering nude lip gloss

    8. An exfoliating foot mask designed to remove the look of dry, stressed feet within an hour. Featuring a mix of skin-loving ingredients, this pick helps to buff away calluses and dead skin to reveal soft, smooth feet. Welcome to the new wave of pampering!

    A set of foot mask packages

    9. A tube of scalp-scrub treatment for peeps looking to give their manes a refreshing reset. It features a blend of activated charcoal powder, coconut oil, micro algae, and peppermint leaf extract that removes, dirt, oil, and product build-up like a true gem. Healthy hair and scalp is officially on the menu!

    A tube of scalp treatment with a towel and loofah

    10. A Milani blush to elevate your makeup game (and cheekbones). This cult-favorite offering has a buildable formula that can give your cheeks a natural *or* bold burst of color — it's up to you! Talk about a small-but-mighty compact! 💖

    A set of blush swatches on five different skin tones

    11. A tinted eye cream that seamlessly bridges the gap between makeup and skincare. This offering brightens, disguises the look of imperfections, and welcomes moisture into the mix with hyaluronic acid and squalane. It's time to kick your old eye cream to the curb!

    A tube of tinted eye cream

    12. An OGX oil mist to pick up the slack in your hairstyling routine. It works like magic (word to Ariana Grande) to hydrate, smooth, and keep frizz under control post-styling. Consider this pick the finishing touch to your styling sessions.

    A bottle of hair oil mist

    13. A bottle of Jergens body lotion that's a breath of fresh air for severely dry skin. It has African shea butter and a hydralucence blend that instantly conditions, hydrates, and revives all skin types — sans the greasy feel. Luminous-looking skin? Yes please!

    A person with an afro holding a bottle of lotion

    14. A Revlon combination hair dryer and styler I consider to be the GOAT of its kind. This innovative find dries hair fast (without excess heat!!!) and pumps up the volume to create a mane full of body-ody-ody-ody (Megan Thee Stallion would cosign).

    A person using a heat styling tool

    15. A rose-sculpted highlighter that'll make you glow like a *disco ball.* This creamy formula is made with carnauba and vitamin E that makes it oh-so-easy to apply with your fingertips to build a dewy, soft glow. Hear that? It sounds like illumination is calling your name. ✨

    A rose-sculpted highlighter compact with two rose buds

    16. A pack of press-on nails for folks tired of spending the big bucks on their nails. This trendy number makes achieving a salon-quality manicure a breeze when time is not on your side. Plus, they're water- and smudge-proof, and require no drying time.

    A person with wing winged eyeliner and wearing gold rings with a pink manicure

    17. A set of acne patches that comes in major clutch for getting rid of pesky blemishes. This pick helps to draw out all the debris and gunk from your pimples as you sleep, so you wake up with clearer-looking skin. The pimple-popping days are now behind us!

    A person peeling of acne patches

    18. A Curél in-shower body lotion to supply your skin with moisture from neck-to-toe — long after the faucet is turned off. Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else, meet the new way to moisturize! 💕

    A person holding a bottle of in-shower lotion

    19. A Tigi three-barrel hair waver so you can create bouncy, beachy waves without having to rely on hairspray or a dip in tropical waters. It has a jump construction with deep wave barrels that sculpt your mane into a wavy masterpiece.

    A person with purple hair using a hair waver tool

    20. A Revlon matte foundation for people with combination and oily skin who have had enough of greasy-looking makeup. This cult-favorite is oil-free, controls shine like a gem, and boasts a buildable formula that makes it easy to achieve your desired level of coverage.

    21. A Shea Moisture facial scrub meant to give oily, acne-prone skin some extra TLC. Featuring a mix of African black soap, shea butter, tea tree oil, and tamarind extract, this number gently purifies, rejuvenates, and refreshes skin for the ~ultimate~ clean canvas.

    A tube of facial scrub, aloe, tamarind, black soap, and shea butter

    22. A set of false eyelashes that'll make a serious case for putting down the mascara. These bad boys adds extra pizzazz to your peepers without the worry of ruining your eye-makeup look with smudged mascara.

    A person showing a before and after picture of themselves with false eyelashes

    23. A bottle of hyaluronic acid serum designed to up the ante on the hydration front. It plumps, smooths, tones, and goes above and beyond to impart all skin types with moisture. Welcome to the wonderful world of hydration!

    A bottle of hyaluronic acid serum

    24. And an Eos hand cream if dry hands are the bane of your existence. It combines a mix of shea oil and butter that seeps into your skin to provide hydration that lasts around the clock. Plus, its amber, lavender, and sandalwood scent trio will be a calming treat for your senses. 💖

    A tube if hand cream

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