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    27 Products For People Who Are Soooooo Lazy But Still Want Their Skin To ~Glow~

    Anything that takes more than five minutes is not welcome✨!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An eye gel cream made to get your peepers out of the dark, dull, lackluster-looking doghouse. It has vitamin C and hyaluronic acid that helps to revive and brighten the under-eye area with just a few drops and taps of the finger🌟.

    An eye cream placed on top of a sliced watermelon with fruit in the background

    2. A L'Oréal glow enhancer lotion designed to serve as the ultimate lazy girl makeup staple. This half-makeup half-skincare layers your skin with hydration and luminosity for an au naturel look. Wear it alone, under foundation, or wherever you prefer to turn your glow meter up a few notches.

    3. Or a highlighter stick because no rule says you can't achieve glowy skin in seconds. This baby puts shimmer right where you need it without the long application process. Hello, illumination!

    A person with brown hair showing their skin

    4. A reviewer-worshipped turmeric face scrub because everyone deserves glowing skin sans relying on multiple products to get the job done. This one-and-done masterpiece is made with skin-brightening ingredients that help tackle an uneven complexion and slough away dead skin with gentle exfoliation.

    5. A bottle of Fenty Beauty toner-serum that represents hybrid beauty finds very well. This number smooths, tackles shine, helps fade dark spots, and brightens like a charm. Plus, it pairs two steps into one and saves you from spending more time in the bathroom. Genius🌟!

    A bottle of toner-serum

    6. A Glow Cube ice roller reviewers adore for helping them ~roll~ their way to glowing skin. This innovative find helps to brighten, stimulate blood circulation, de-puff, contour, and helps skin better absorb products with a simple massaging session. It's time to bring on the chill!

    A person using a glow cue facial ice roller

    7. A whipped body butter formulated for folks that love the idea of glowing from head to toe without layering products. Featuring shea butter, almond and coconut oil, cocoa butter, and flecks of rose gold, this offering provides top-of-the-line nourishment and illumination that the stars would envy✨.

    A person holding a jar of body butter

    8. A SuperGoop Glowscreen that's truly a gift from the skincare goddesses. This cult-favorite shields skin from sun rays, hydrates to perfection, and leaves your skin with a glowy yet dewy look that's far from greasy. Need I say more?

    A person wearing a peach-colored shirt showing off her glow-y complexion

    9. A Danessa Myricks highlighting palette because sometimes your beauty look needs extra *oomph* without the extra work. In this case, it delivers a creamy, powder formula that makes you glow like a glazed donut without a full face of makeup💖.

    A person showing off glow-y skin

    10. A Jergens self-tanner face moisturizer for anyone that's in quick, desperate need of a sun-kissed glow and doesn't have time for a salon trip. Reviewers also dig that it's streak-free and blends nicely for a picture-perfect look.

    reviewer with glowing complexion holding up bottle of the face moisturizer

    11. A bottle of brightening vitamin C serum formulated with hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, and aloe vera that helps tackle hyperpigmentation and dark pesky spots like a pro. All you have to do is apply a few drops to your skin and it does the tough work for you!

    12. An NYX butter gloss that has reached GOAT status for multiple reasons. This cult favorite has a smooth, creamy, non-stick formula that you can easily apply without overdoing the blending or layering. Shine on, darlings✨!

    13. A Tree Hut body scrub made of sugar, plant oils, and shea butter that exfoliates dry, lusterless skin in a matter of minutes, leaving you with soft, supple, and glowing skin.

    A jar of body scrub and a swatch

    14. A Heritage Store glow cleanser for folks tired of the 10-step skincare routine. This number removes makeup and impurities, improves uneven texture and tone, smooths away dead skin, and brings hydration and brightness to the table.'s suitable for sensitive, normal, oily, combination, and mature skin💖.

    A person holding a bottle of face cleanser

    15. A L'Oréal tinted moisturizer with SPF 19 so you can protect your skin from its silent enemy, aka the sun, and provide lightweight, even coverage that boasts a ~lit-from-within glow.~ Summer may be gone, but luminous skin doesn't have to be.✨

    16. A bottle of Kora Organics face oil by supermodel Miranda Kerr made with skin-loving ingredients that brighten, smooth, and moisturize minus the use of toooonnns of products to master the same effect.

    A person holding a bottle of face oil

    17. Or a Power Repairing Essence with snail mucin, which is an Amazon favorite with over 15,000 five-star ratings. Not only does it instantly give skin a natural and healthy glow that lasts, but it's also formulated to combat dryness — excluding the heavy feel.

    18. A turmeric and honey jelly mask specifically designed to give your complexion luminosity and moisture like no other. Consider this find your skincare ~glow~mine for an illuminated canvas.

    A set of four jars with turmeric and honey jelly masks

    19. A Well People bronzing powder meant to make you forget all about your highlighter. It offers a semi-matte finish, absorbs oil, controls shine, and produces a natural glow that instantly warms up your complexion with a stroke of your makeup brush. It's that easy!

    A person with a large afro and gold hoop earring wearing bronzer

    20. A brightening and hydration-boosting repair cream so you don't have to worry about adding a serum into the equation. Made with snail mucin, shea butter, and plant oils, this baby comes in major clutch day and night to provide your skin with radiant nourishment. No wonder reviewers say it's a *holy grail* product💖!

    A person with braids showing their glowing complexion

    21. A skin balm for anyone that believes less is more. Reviewers say that this offering gives skin a defined glow and is a perfect substitute for makeup. Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone else, kiss your highlighting makeup products goodbye!

    22. The Glossier Ultralip hydrating shine + color designed to be the hassle-free essential of your lazy dreams. It combines the luminosity of a gloss, the buildable color of a tint, and the moisture of a balm to envelop your pout into a sea of hydrating shine that lasts all in one swipe. Yup, it's that good✨.

    A person wearing a colored and shiny lip tint with gold earrings

    23. A Paula's Choice exfoliant crafted to leave your skin looking deliciously dewy — no added products required. It gently removes dead skin and combats acne, redness, and keeps sensitive skin in check so your complexion can glow like it's supposed to.

    24. A bottle of Naturium multi-oil body wash for anyone that wants an all-purpose shower product that'll cleanse, soothe, moisturize and leave your skin glowing and gleaming like a coin. Treat yo' self, boo!

    A bottle of body wash

    25. A Mario Badescu rosewater facial spray meant to revive your skin from the world of dull and drab to glowy and grand. Spritz it on your face to revive dry skin in a snap💖!

    26. A turmeric face oil that effectively helps even skin tone, fade hyperpigmentation and acne scars (past and present), and hydrates to perfection for a sparkling look. Talk about a workhorse!

    27. And a hyaluronic acid sheet mask designed to give your skin supreme levels of illumination. There's nothing like kicking your feet up and allowing a mask to take lusterless skin troubles away.✨

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.