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    27 Products That People With Color-Treated Hair ~Swear By~

    Keeping color-treated hair in mint condition just got a bit easier.

    1. A John Frieda purple shampoo for folks ready to declare war on brassy tones. This number works just like magic to neutralize orange and yellow tones for your strands to look and feel their very best. How does it feel to be a haircare legend?

    2. And it's coordinating purple conditioner to re-introduce moisture and nourishment to your colored strands. This pick gives blond hair the TLC it needs to shine bright like a diamond.

    a reviewer showing off their dyed blonde hair after using the conditioner

    3. A jar of L'Oréal Elvive erasing balm coming in major clutch to give colored, damaged hair the pick-me-up it needs. This bb is infused with almond, protein, and ceramide to repair and strengthen (like seriously strengthen 💪) your strands to transform your mane into a colorful masterpiece.

    the bottle of damage erasing balm

    4. An argan oil leave-in conditioner that's the bee's knees for color-treated manes. Featuring a mix of organic hair-saving ingredients, it revives brittle, dry, and damaged strands like the stroke of a magic wand. Thank you, haircare gods!

    5. An Oribe Split End Treatment meant to cover all the bases in your color-treated haircare routine. This 3-in-1 masterpiece is made with hair-loving ingredients that reduce hair breakage, provide ~supreme~ levels of heat protection, and repair split ends so further damage will be a nonfactor.

    A set of hair treatment bottles

    6. A style + protect hairspray for folks looking to achieve the best of both worlds. Reviewers appreciate that it's gentle on color-treated strands and provides superior hold with a shiny finish. Midday touch-ups are officially yesterday's news.

    A before and after image of a person's hair wit using hairspray

    7. A root touch-up kit for folks who prefer the traditional way of dealing with pesky dark roots. This pick is a godsend that refreshes your roots with your desired hair color just like a pro. Cancel your trip to the salon boo!

    A root touch up kit with a brush, hair color creme, developer, and black bowl

    8. Or a L'Oréal root touch-up spray designed to keep your hair color in check between salon visits with a quick fix. With just one use, reviewers say this lightweight formula provides seamless coverage that lasts well until their next shampoo.

    9. A Pureology Top Coat + Tone Hair Gloss formulated to bring color-treated manes back to life. It works wonders by reviving warm strands, reversing the look of brassy tones, and layering tresses with ultra-softness and game-changing vibrancy.

    A set of before and after images of a person with red hair

    10. A can of dry shampoo meant to tide your colored mane over between wash days. It soaks up excess oil and impurities like a sponge and introduces a boost of va-va-volume into the mix all while keeping your color in mint condition.

    11. A styling mousse for anyone who believes in effortless products only. This number makes a serious case for putting hot tools on ice since it helps to boost your mane's shine and volume with just its natural ingredients.

    A set of before and after images of a person using volume mousse

    12. A shine and protector spray you can count on to shield your colored strands from harmful sun rays and thermal heat with ease. It features African Manketti, argan oil, and Joico’s SmartRelease liposome technology that maintains color for the long haul, strengthening and moisturizing your tresses. What else do you need?

    13. A Matrix blue shampoo considered to be basically medicine for blondes and brunettes, per reviewers. This blue-violet potion kicks brassy tones in blond and brown hair to the curb and gently cleanses in seconds. Plus, it leaves behind a nectar, rose, and vanilla scent that'll turn your shower into a garden-like oasis.

    14. A rejuvenating hair mask here to be your color-treated hair's partner-in-care. It has MRV3 complex, argan, and macadamia oils that impart lasting moisture, promote hair growth, and provide your mane with a gorgeous luster. Recognize a must-have when you see it!

    15. A Bond purple hair mask meant to pull out all the stops for blonde, platinum, gray, and silver hair. This bad boy is enriched with coconut and marula oil that hydrates your mane while removing all signs of pesky yellowish tones faster than you can say 1-2-3. Who knew neutralizing unwanted tones would be this easy?

    reviewer showing a brassy before picture and then an after image of white blonde hair

    16. A John Freida gloss treatment that'll redefine the meaning of a shiny, colored mane. This sensational find adds a pop of illumination to all shades and steps it up on the smooth and conditioning front. Add this to your cart STAT and you'll be practically blinded by the luminosity!

    17. A smoothing anti-frizz blowout butter designed to put the "gentle" in heat-styling. This bad boy boasts a cream-to-oil formula that works to seal in shine, add moisture, and protect each and every one of your colored strands from the horrors of heat damage.

    A tube of hair butter

    18. A hair-thickening serum reviewers appreciate for actually living up to its name. This 3-in-1 pick works like Houdini to nourish hair from the inside out, prepping it for blowouts and giving your tresses a thicker, fuller look.

    19. A Biolage deep treatment to help peeps take their color-treated hair regimen to new heights. This multifunctional find strengthens, keeps damage at bay, works through tangles with ease, and prevents faded color from ruining your finished look (because, let's be honest, nothing brings a mood down like faded hair).

    A person with blonde hair showing off their hair post-treatment

    20. A color conditioner made with plant-derived ingredients that help preserve your color for up to 10 washes. Bonus: it envelops hair with tons of moisture without creating a heavy feel you have to walk around with all day.

    21. A Color Wow Anti-Frizz Spray Treatment designed to be your hair's saving grace when hot summer days wreak havoc on your mane (they will be back, I promise!). This sensational find is powered with humidity-blocking technology that keeps your tresses in tip-top shape that lasts for three to four shampoos. Poofy hair? Never heard of it.

    A bottle of frizz hairspray treatment

    22. A John Frieda blue conditioner meant to pick up the slack from shampooing to restore and hydrate brunette hair, for a brighter, cooler result. Trust us, you'll fool your BFFs into thinking you just got a fresh color job when all you really did was condition with this baby.

    A tube of blue conditioner

    23. A leave-in detangler formulated to turn your nightmares of knots and tangles into yesterday's news. Made with a keratin base, it works through tangles without the extra wrist action, tackles hard water minerals, and supplies your mane with some serious shine.

    the bottle of leave in conditioning treatment

    24. A color depositing conditioner + mask you can use to cover all the bases in your routine. This number has a plant-based formula that steps in to refresh, revive, strengthen, and layer your colored strands with deep hydration. You're welcome!

    25. A Moroccanoil Treatment reviewers claim to be the holy grail of its kind. Featuring an argan-oil-infused blend, this pick improves manageability, strengthens strands, detangles like a dream, and nourishes without the greasy feel. Jackpot😊!

    A person with long blonde hair holding a bottle of hair oil

    26. A Shu Uemura Overnight Nourishing Treatment created to give colored hair the royal treatment as you snooze your cares away. Made with Japanese red camellia oil that supplies strands with moisture, leaving you with luminous, frizz-free hair in the morning. Bonus: it's perfect for all hair types!

    A wooden comb and a bottle of hair treatment

    27. And a frizz glossing serum that'll put your mind and mane at ease. This styling treatment shows frizz who's boss, prevents color fade, and protects your strands from the sun. Plus, it even gives parched strands moisture, bonding those split ends for healthy-looking hair. Yup, it's a keeper! 😍

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