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    15 Hair Products From Target That Are Basically Bottles Of Pure Magic

    The hair care goddesses have sprinkled magical pixie dust in these essentials.

    1. A bottle of L'Oréal wonder water treatment that's expertly designed to whip dull, lackluster-looking strands into proper shape. This number works in just EIGHT seconds to tame unruly strands into a smooth and silky masterpiece. Plus, it works for all hair types. Yup, it's worth the hype. 💕

    2. A hair primer meant to kick your hairstyling routine into overdrive. This multitasking offering preps your mane before styling to nourish, detangle, soften, smooth, and protect your mane against heat. Bonus: It makes frizz a non-factor, adds shine, and keeps your tresses healthy.

    3. A Sienna Naturals shampoo for the natural hair peeps that require moisture from the beginning to the end of wash day. This nourishing find gives curly and coily hair types the royal treatment while cleansing, and all without stripping your strands of moisture. Plus, it smooths away frizz, keeps your curl pattern popping, and promotes hair growth. Add this to your cart STAT! 😍

    A person with braids holding a bottle shampoo

    4. A Hask leave-in detangling spray created to cover all the bases in your routine. This argan oil-rich find intensely conditions your hair from root to tip, detangles, and shows split ends who's boss. Baby, it's giving salon-quality hair in the comfort of your own home.

    A bottle of leave-in spray

    5. A can of dry shampoo designed to be your hair care match made in heaven. This number comes in major clutch to tide your tresses over between wash sessions. Just a few sprays and you'll refresh, clean, rejuvenate, and give your mane volume that goes the distance. What else do you need beloved? 💕

    A person holding a can of dry shampoo

    6. A curl mousse for days when heat styling is not on the agenda. This bottle of hair-loving goodness envelops your strands with the moisture of a cream and the hold of a mousse to create gorgeous spirals and ringlets. Curly hair, do care!

    A bottle of hair mousse with half a sliced coconut

    7. A bottle of Camille Rose scalp treatment reviewers praise for making dry scalp a thing of the past. This Black woman-owned favorite works like magic to remove product buildup, strengthen your strands, and provide your mane with gorgeous luster. 😍

    A bottle castor oil scalp treatment

    8. A tube of hair gel that has left curly hair lovers absolutely smitten. It features jojoba oil and sea kelp that layers your strands with moisture and a strong-hold formula that sculpts and shapes your curls to perfection sans the flakes. Recognize a must-have when you see it!

    9. An OGX oil mist that you can count on to be the finishing touch in your hairstyling routine. It features a coconut oil and bamboo extract formula that instantly softens your mane, moisturizes, and tames flyaways for a picture-perfect 'do. Trust us, we've got your back!

    A person holding an oil spray

    10. A L'Oréal root cover-up spray designed to be a godsend for colored manes. It boasts a lightweight formula that provides the coverage you desire in minutes. We also dig that there's no need to rush to the salon. This sensational find lasts until your next shampoo. 💕

    11. A can of wave spray for folks looking to score beachy waves without taking a dip into tropical waters. It features a blend of sea salt and sea kelp to produce wavy strands with an ocean scent that'll leave The Little Mermaid green with envy.

    A person using wave spray on their hair

    12. A Dove moisturizing conditioner that's so good, thirsty strands will drink it up like an ice cold lemonade on a hot summer day. This offering seeps into your strands to provide lasting nourishment without a weighed-down feel. Plus, it smooths out knots and tangles with ease. 😍

    A bottle of conditioner

    13. A cleansing conditioner meant to make your wash day sessions feel like a breeze. This multifunctional find nourishes, detangles, cleanses, and moisturizes all in one single step. Cheers to simple hair-care routines!

    A bottle of cleansing conditioner

    14. A Pantene hydrating hair serum designed to take your hair care regimen up a few notches. This baobab oil, milk-to-water serum supplies your tresses with moisture, repairs split ends, and gives your mane a glorious glow. Welcome to the wonderful world of luminosity darlings! ✨

    A bottle of hair serum

    15. And a TRESemmé heat protectant spray created to shield your strands from super-hot styling tools. Yes, your ~sizzling~ desire for a stylish mane won't compromise your quest for healthy hair.

    A bottle of heat protectant spray

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