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    31 Bestselling Hair Products From Target That Reviewers Truly Love

    From hair growth oils to nourishing dry shampoos, these hair products live up to the hype and come with the receipts to prove it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Remington hair wand that'll serve up curls you love sans the fuss. This hot number (and I do mean hot😉) reaches up to 410°F and features a ceramic coating to keep your hair smooth as silk. Curly hair, here you come!

    A blue heat-styling tool, makeup brushes and orange roses

    2. A detangling conditioner by Wakati designed with textured hair types in mind. This bad boy makes it oh-so-easy to smooth out unruly knots and tangles like 1-2-3. One more thing: its natural shea and jojoba oil will keep your strands hydrated for the long haul.

    A set of purple bottles with hair conditioner

    3. A cleansing conditioner that means business on wash days. You can count on this Black-owned essential to cleanse hair, impart moisture, promote hair growth and aid in detangling — all without the long routine. You're welcome!

    A jar of cleansing conditioner with a cut coconut

    4. A dry shampoo guaranteed to kick every👏 last👏 drop👏 of grease to the curb. Keep this hair-saver handy to help tide you over between wash days and give your tresses fresh-outta-the-salon volume.

    A bottle of dry shampoo and roses

    5. A can of Got2Be freeze spray for folks who are tired of dealing with sliding frontal and closure wigs. It's made to lay your hair and lace wig units down like the best of 'em. Lifting wig? Don't know her!

    A can of string hold hair spray

    6. A Mielle edge gel, because baby hairs deserve the royal sleek treatment, too. It provides intense hydration and shine while keeping your strands in place. Plus, this Black woman-owned number is packed with biotin to support hair growth.

    A jar of edge pomade

    7. A healing hair mask that takes the healing factor to the next level for all hair types. Thanks to its agave, coconut milk, banana, and avocado oils — this mighty mask will restore even the most overworked strands back to their former glory. Think of it as your fairy Godmask!

    A jar of hair mask with a cut avocado and a whole coconut

    8. A Bedhead hair waver lauded by reviewers for creating waves that last for days — and helping create a tropical-esque mane. And it has ceramic plates that keeps your strands shiny and soft. All you need is fancy cocktail to set the beachside vibe.🍹

    A heat-styling tool with a can of hairspray

    9. A hooded hair dryer attachment meant to be your saving grace from long hair drying. This baby comes with ventilation holes for fast and even heat distribution. Plus, it has an adjustable strap mean to fit all head sizes with ease. If loving this tool is wrong, you don't want to be right.

    A woman with a hair dryer attachment and a blow dryer

    10. A Cantu shine and hold mist to revive your mane from root to tip. Perfect for all hair types, this wonder product brings on the hydration and shine — just what every mane needs to stand out in a crowd.

    A bottle of hair mist

    11. A curl primer made to prep your textured strands before styling. Its hair-loving ingredients will moisturize your curly tresses like clockwork. Plus, this number detangles and adds extra oomph to your curls.💖

    A tube of hair primer

    12. A scalp scrub by L'Oréal for folks in need of a deep clean without a trip to the salon. Made with apricot seeds, you can gently scrub away dirt and oil from all hair types while giving your mane a spa-quality treatment. Jackpot!

    A jar of hair scrub

    13. An oversized hair scrunchie made from silk that'll be super gentle on your strands, keep breakage at bay, and add an elegant touch to your look. Plus, it has flexible elastic to safely secure your tresses without breaking apart.

    A leopard printed hair scrunchie

    14. An apple cider vinegar rinse crafted to get rid of excess oil, dirt and dandruff from all hair types. As long as you use it on dry hair before shampooing, your mane will sport a pro-stylist approved look!😉

    A bottle of hair rinse with a cut apple

    15. An Eco Styler gel guaranteed to keep your strands and baby hairs in place all day long! A far cry from other gels, this number tames frizz, hydrates and provides UV protection. Treat yo' self beloved!

    A jar of hair gel

    16. A bottle of Carol's Daughter hair oil for folks on a mission to kick hair breakage to the curb. If you want an oil that transforms weak strands to super-strong💪 tresses, get acquainted with your new haircare partner in crime.

    A bottle of hair and scalp oil

    17. A heat protectant spray for shielding your strands from high temperatures caused by super-hot styling tools and your press-ing determination for stylish perfection.

    A bottle of heat protectant

    18. A heated straightening brush designed to help you smooth each and every strand of hair like a breeze. It features ceramic heated plates and cool-tip ionic bristles to combat frizz and keep your mane soft as silk.

    A woman straightening her hair with a straightener brush

    19. A sea salt spray crafted from the hair gods that'll help you create bouncy, beachy waves in a flash. Designed to work with straight, wavy, or curly hair types, this essential will spice up your mane and your hairstyle game.

    A set of sea salt spray bottles

    20. A hair milk considered to be the creme de la creme of moisturizers. This Black woman-owned find deeply seeps into your mane to nourish textured hair with every use. SOLD!😀

    A woman holding a hair moisturizer

    21. A tube of The Mane Choice pre poo beloved by reviewers to make your detangling sessions a piece a cake. Made with soy milk and a herbal hair tonic, it melts tangles and layers on moisture. It's simply a magic potion.

    A tube of hair detangler

    22. A Remington blow-dryer made to bring fast hair drying to life. It's ionic generator helps to give you smooth strands and comes with a concentrator and diffuser attachment to cater to all hair types. Recognize a must-have when we see it.

    A blue blow-dryer with makeup brushes and a mirror

    23. A curling custard that is the holy grail of curly hair products. It's jam-packed with hair moisture-loving ingredients that combat frizz, hydrate, and keep spirals in mint condition. Swoon-worthy curls for the win!

    A jar of curl cream

    24. A TREsemmé mousse that allows you to leave the heat-styling tools behind to build massive volume in seconds with maximum hold. Shake the can, apply the mousse to your hair, and ta-da. Movie star volume sans the hefty price tag.

    A can of hair volume mousse

    25. A braid moisturizing spray guaranteed to penetrate your woven styles to impart the maximum level of moisture. Bonus: It also makes an itchy scalp yesterday's news.

    A bottle of braid spray, cut lemons and carrots

    26. A leave-in spray that goes the extra mile to give all hair types the nourishment needed. This five-in-one offering hydrates, detangles, softens, strengthens, and gives a glossy look for a picture-perfect mane.

    A bottle of hair spray with pieces of coconut

    27. A bottle of L'Oréal wonder water treatment worshipped by reviewers for instantly smoothing damaged hair. It works in just EIGHT seconds on straight, wavy, curly, and coily hair types. We're on cloud nine!

    A few bottles of hair treatment

    28. A hair growth serum that will help you make your hair length dreams a reality. This Black woman-owned essential works to moisturize, stimulate new growth, and prevent breakage. Consider it your three-in-one hair savior. 🙌🏿

    A bottle of hair serum

    29. A Revlon hairdryer and volumizer – it works double-duty to dry your strands and pump up the volume. Gone are the days of long styling routines.

    A hair straightening and volumizing tool

    30. A Carol's Daughter water to foam shampoo made to instantly lather for a gentle and deep clean. It gives textured hair types nourishment, removes impurities without stripping hair, and revives your mane. Wash day sessions just got easier!

    A woman applying a shampoo to her hair

    31. A touch-up creme by John Freida beauty lovers adore since it hydrates dry hair, tames frizz and flyaways, and helps to disguise split ends when you're in-between trims. Talk about the perfect finishing touch!😍

    A set of tubes with hair cream

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