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    31 Beauty Products You'll Be Surprised You Can Now Buy At Target

    From volumizing mascaras to drying lotions, these Ulta cult-favorites have landed at ~Tar-jay.~

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A can of Morphe setting spray that's designed to seal your beauty beat in place for the long haul. This micro-fine mist formula keeps fading, caking, and melting at bay for a picture-perfect finish. 💖

    A can of setting spray

    Promising review: "I love the mist! This is the best setting spray around!" —maddie_barn

    Price: $10+ (available in two sizes)

    2. A leave-in conditioner from actress Tracee Ellis Ross's line of haircare products that complements textured hair types. This baby steps it up on the hydration front, seals in moisture, and gives curls extra pizzazz. 😍

    A tube of leave-in conditioner, a hair brush, and a candle

    Promising review: "I use this every time I wash my hair! I love the smell and how soft it makes my curls! The hydration you get will help your curls dry." —Ismile

    Price: $9

    3. An Origins charcoal mask that comes in clutch – this number removes all the gunk from your pores to give your skin a professional glow sans the pricey treatment. It's that good, boo!


    Promising review: "This is one of the only face masks I will use. I can see a physical difference in my skin overnight after using this. It goes on great and doesn’t hurt when it dries. It makes my skin brighter and clears up acne." —Lynn

    Price: $14+ (available in two sizes)

    4. A solid cleanser with a silicone scrub mat that's meant to go the extra mile in cleaning your beauty tools to perfection. Trust us — even Mr. Clean would give this offering two thumbs up! 👍🏽👍🏽 / Via Instagram, Target

    Promising review: "This is hands down the best brush and beauty blender cleaner out there. It gets all the makeup out effortlessly and leaves them squeaky clean." —happygirl 

    Price: $16

    5. A bottle of toner by The Ordinary because multifunctional skincare products are a godsend. Formulated with glycolic acid, aloe vera, and ginseng, this stuff exfoliates, soothes, and improves uneven skin tone and texture to give your visage the royal treatment. ✨

    A bottle of facial toner

    Promising review: "I love this product! My skin feels much more soft and smooth. After several weeks of use, I’m now starting to notice my dark spots fading and a more even and brighter complexion. I’ve always just used cleanser, moisturizer, and an occasional mask as my routine. I wish I’d tried this sooner!" —Sarah M 

    Price: $8.70

    6. A refillable and reusable hair mist bottle that's designed to complement your curly haircare routine. It provides a fine mist with a prolonged spray that lightly moisturizes hair for seamless styling. Poppin' curls are on the way!

    A spray bottle

    Promising review: "It still works well after four weeks. I make sure to empty bottle immediately after use and allow it to dry to prevent mildew. It works well for hair and plants." —Steph

    Price: $13

    7. A tube of Too Faced lengthening and volumizing mascara – it's considered the créme de la créme of mascaras. This lash-saver conditions, sets volume, and has an hourglass-shaped brush that coats every last one of your eyelashes with ease! 😍

    A person showing the eyelashes before and after using a mascara

    Promising review: "I've tried many and many mascaras and this is it! My lashes look amazing. I don't even need to put fake lashes on." —ivannab7 

    Price: $15+ (available in two sizes)

    8. A tube of body scrub that will help you say adios to dead skin cells and the hard, rough bumps caused by keratosis pilaris. Its blend of bisabolol, colloidal oatmeal, and glycolic and lactic acids, goes into overdrive to exfoliate its way to healthy-looking skin.

    A person Applying body scrub to their arm

    Promising review: "Buy this — it actually works! After using it, many of my skin problems showed improvement. It's definitely worth the price." —Chris

    Price: $10

    9. A Clinique foundation with SPF 15 – it bridges the gap between skincare and makeup. Perfect for all skin types, this sensational find provides a natural finish while also working to visibly reduce dark spots in 12 weeks. Recognize a must-have when you see it!

    A set of four arms with foundation swatches

    Promising review: "I love Clinique Even Better makeup because it covers well and doesn’t rub off too quickly. Your skin stays nice when you use Clinique products." —CindyC

    Price: $31 (available in 50 shades)

    10. An eye cream for folks who are ready to banish the look of dark, dull eyes. This baby color-corrects, brightens, firms, and hydrates like no other. Just call it magic in a jar.

    A person holding a small jar of eye cream

    Promising review: "I’ve been using this eye cream for approximately eight months and I absolutely love it. I'm so happy Target now carries it." —Cat

    Price: $39

    11. A Sunday Riley face oil that plays absolutely no games with reviving dull skin. Formulated with vitamin C and turmeric, this pick brightens, plumps, and evens skin tone. Glow on, boo! ✨

    A bottle of face oil

    Promising review: "It really delivers an overall glow. It's better than other vitamin C serums I've tried." —slipperymodem

    Price: $40

    12. A double-sided self-tanner applicator mitt crafted to help beauty-lovers achieve a flawless, streak-free tan — all without the mess and stained hands. You're welcome!

    A person holding a blue tanning mitt

    Promising review: "This mitt is great! Super soft and really glides along the skin! It's also very cute with a pretty color." —Angela 

    Price: $7.50 

    13. A bottle of drying lotion that is worshipped by reviewers for its fast-acting formula. This number works like magic to show pesky blemishes who's boss.

    A bottle of facial drying lotion and a Q-tip

    Promising review: "I put it on at night, wake up and poof, the bump is gone! I love this stuff! I highly recommend!" —Tstxmommy 

    Price: $17

    14. A mini popular Urban Decay eyeshadow palette to up the ante on your beauty routine. This palette offers a mix of matte and shimmer shades that provides great pigmentation and gives your peepers some sensational shading.

    An image of three arms with eyeshadow swatches

    Promising review: "I love the colors! These colors are not over done, with multiple colors and has the right amount of matte and shimmer shades." —Targetaddict

    Price: $29

    15. A hair oil by Ouai that sets the standard for around the clock hydration. Plus, this offering adds softness, delivers shine, tackles frizz *and* works to shield your strands from heat damage caused by hot styling tools. CLOUD NINE! ☁️

    A bottle of hair oil and flowers

    Promising review: "So far, I love this stuff! Each time I use this I let my hair air dry and wake up in the morning to soft, frizz-free hair. It's a godsend." —Sarah 

    Price: $14+ (available in two sizes)

    16. A Stila waterproof eyeliner with a fine-marker tip – it makes easy and precise application a breeze. From precise wings to innovative designs, this eyeliner will make your peepers do all of the talking.


    Promising review: "I love this eyeliner. It is indeed waterproof, but removes easily with baby oil. It stays on all day with no smudging. Love it!" —Grammie

    Price: $22 (available in six colors)

    17. A Clinique lotion that's the bees knees for dry and sensitive skin types. Boasting a blend of sunflower seed cake, barley extract, and cucumber fruit extract, this essential absorbs quickly and helps skin retain moisture. This is what we call an essential!

    A bottle of moisturizer with sliced cucumbers, seeds, and barley

    Promising review: "This is my go-to face lotion and I am so excited that Target has it now!" —Love it 

    Price: $6.50+ (available in three sizes)

    18. A Jack Black "beard lube" – it gives facial hair a nourishing treat. Perfect for all skin types, this light, conditioning shave cream softens, hydrates, eliminates irritation, and retains moisture.

    A person shaving

    Promising review: "My hubby adores Jack Black's beard lube! He is so prone to razor burn and this is a total game-changer. The lotion softens the beard so there is no irritation. And the soft scent is an added plus." —hartmanfam5

    Price: $17

    19. An Ulta Beauty eyebrow primer that reviewers appreciate for being a wonder product. Jojoba oil and hyaluronic acid work to moisturize, while the unique tip combs through each hair to shape and set your brows into place.

    A brow primer and conditioner

    Promising review: "Remember back in the '90s when it was cool to pluck your eyebrows and make them pencil thin? I do! Lol! I now have to draw in a lot of my brows and I am always looking for good primer. Well folks … I FOUND IT! This is fantastic stuff. My brows stay on all day. No fading at all." —Sarah

    Price: $12

    20. A set of pimple patches to tackle acne blemishes like a pro. This innovative find reduces redness, absorbs excess oils and shields your skin from bacteria. Pimple who?

    A set of three packages with pimple patches / Via Instagram

    Promising review: "I love them! They suck everything up out of the pimple. Added bonus: They deter me from picking! Win-win!" —Maya

    Price: $19

    21. A texture spray that has reached holy grail status in my eyes. This hair-saver turns up the volume and adds lift to my straight wig units in an instant. Annoying residue? Don't know her!

    A can of dry shampoo and texture spray / Via Instagram

    Promising review: "This is the perfect product to give your hair volume and texture. It’s lightweight and doesn’t weigh your hair down." —Paulaj

    Price: $31+ (available in two sizes)

    22. A super fine eyebrow detailer because this essential by Too Faced packs a mighty punch. Equipped with a slanted micro-fine tip and dual-end spoolie, this standout can define and fill arches and sparse areas in a snap. Plus, its waterproof, smudge-proof and long-lasting. We have a winner! 🌟

    A person showing before and after images of their eyebrows

    Promising review: "This is a super low fuss brow pencil, which I appreciate. It applies smoothly and evenly, and looks really natural when using a light hand. The spoolie has become a necessity, even when I switch over to pomade I still use it." —ninas84 

    Price: $23 (available in six shades)

    23. A sunscreen gel that's in a league of its own! This fabulous find offers SPF 30 protection, doesn't clog pores, and keeps your face grease-free with a glorious glow. Treat yo' self, beloved! ✨

    A person applying sunscreen on their face

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this product. I have incredibly sensitive eyes and most sunscreens cause my eyes to burn and water. This one didn’t irritate me at all, and the protection lasted hours. Has a nice subtle glow to it. I will definitely buy this product again." —Alison C.

    Price: $36 

    24. An Ulta Beauty flushed blush crafted to give your look a healthy glow. This essential gives your cheeks the right amount of color that lasts from day to night. Trust us, your MUA will approve!

    the blush

    Promising review: "This blush is a nice light pinkish color with a matte finish." —GP

    Price: $10 (originally $10, available in six shades)

    25. A leave-in conditioner that will address all of your wants and needs. This offering conditions, detangles, fights frizz, hydrates, and protects your tresses from heat styling tools. Talk about a workhorse!

    A bottle of leave in conditioner, raspberries, a slice of lemon, a cinnamon stick, and flowers

    Promising review: "This is one of the best hair products I’ve discovered in a long time. It works beautifully on my thin hair and my daughter’s ultra thick hair. It is well worth the investment. The scent is the icing on the cake!" —MamaCrish

    Price: $12+ (available in two sizes) 

    26. A Mac primer and makeup setter for those who are looking to pare down their routines. This 3-in-1 gem primes, sets, *and* refreshes makeup to keep your beauty beat on point, in half the time. / Via Instagram, Target

    Promising review: "Do I even have to say anything? If you’ve been using other sprays and/or never tried this, this is your sign to go ahead and get it. There’s nothing quite like it. I can tell you honestly this is the best bang for your buck for a spray that will not only set your makeup but somehow make it look more natural without losing coverage. There’s no stiff feeling and you can respray as your makeup wears throughout the day to help fix any creasing." —Elle

    Price: $30

    27. A Tarte tinted primer that brightens, hydrates, and provides natural-looking coverage with a matte finish. Plus, this stuff can be worn alone to embrace a more au naturel vibe.

    A person with a split image showing one side of their face with product and another without

    Promising review: "This is my favorite thing I have ever put on my skin! It makes my face so smooth and soft and it just glides on perfectly. It is light coverage which is perfect for me to still have the natural look." —Rken

    Price: $37 (available in eight shades)

    28. A cleansing balm to melt away face and eye makeup faster than a frozen treat on a hot summer day. No harsh rubbing or scrubbing required!

    A person holding a jar of moisture with a cleansing balm, facial spray, makeup remover, and a set of moisturizing lotions

    Promising review: "I love this! I was looking for a makeup removing balm because makeup wipes are harsh and tug your skin and I heard great things about this and I loved it! I have sensitive skin and it was not harsh at all! It's super creamy, light and easy to take off my makeup! I simply just use a damp washcloth when I’m done and my skin feels so soft! No breakouts! 10/10!" —Candy

    Price: $12+ (available in two sizes)

    29. A prime and prep detangler spray that you'll actually love since it combines biotin and sea berry oil to prevent breakage and provide moisture to all hair types without the weighed down feel. Healthy hair for the win!

    A person holding a bottle of hairspray

    Promising review: "I love this detangler. I love the smell and it always makes my hair feel soft after I use it. This is my second time purchasing it." —KC

    Price: $14+ (available in two sizes)

    30. A creamy lipstick for folks who are tired of sporting a washed out pout. This silky formula redefines the meaning of high color payoff, thanks to its rich, pigmented formula. Plus, this must-have offers a matte finish guaranteed to stay in place from day to night. Pucker up, buttercup! 💋

    A person wearing red lipstick

    Promising review: "I did not know Mac was being sold at Target! This is so convenient. 'Ruby Woo' has been my go to red for years now. It’s beautiful on all skin tones, you won’t be disappointed." —IC

    Price: $19 (available in 10 shades)

    31. A Tarte concealer that has reached legendary status. This cult-favorite has a full coverage, crease-proof formula that smooths and brightens with the best of 'em. Tired eyes are officially a thing of the past! 👀

    A set of four concealer wands with different shades

    Promising review: "Great concealer. It stays on and doesn’t come off easily, which is especially nice when you have to wear a mask all day." —Crystal

    Price: $10 (available in 29 shades)

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