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That Lazy Girl Life

C'mon! You all know what I'm talking about!!!

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1. Cooking

Crisps for breakfast, lunch and dinner? Why not, saves cooking AND more importantly washing up!!! Genius!

2. Getting dressed

Staying at home is the best because:

No plans means no pants!!!!

JLaw knows the drill ;)

3. Going out

"Yeah, sure a night out sounds fun....oh you want to go to a club?...and there's a dresscode?

Sorry, I'm...busy!"

If I can't get in wearing jeans and a t-shirt, I don't want to get in at all!

4. Make-up

Foundation, mascara, lipstick DONE! Less is more (time to stay in bed in the morning)!

How do you even use an Eyelashcurler?

5. Eating healthy

I'd love to eat healthy.....but (see No 1).

6. Studying

I have perfected the art of the all-nighter!

7. Plants

Ooooops :/

8. Friends

I might be lazy and minimalistic but if you need me I am ready to get off the sofa in a heartbeat!!!

9. TV

The remote is aaaaaaaall the way over there....I guess I'll HAVE TO watch Keeping up with the Kardashians!

10. Pizza

That also goes for any other food that I can get delivered to my door.

I will never keep you waiting out in the old pizza-delivery-person, you are the real MVP!!

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