Beth Perkins
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    • Beth Perkins

      You can. Do it for a year and write a Buzzfeed article on it.
      1. Throw your cell phone away. Land lines and pay phones ONLY. And no, you can’t borrow a friend’s. If you are lost, you’d better have a paper map. If you are late, start running.
      2. Cancel your internet. If you need a computer, only use it to type word documents. Only print from a printer that is manually connected to the computer.
      3. If you need to fax something, download your document to a floppy disc and take it to a Kinko’s. Print it out and fax it from there.
      4. If you need a book, go to the bookstore or library.
      5. If you need music, buy it at a music store.
      6. If you want porn, steal it from your dad, duh.
      7. If you want to see a movie, you can probably find the movie times by calling the theater.
      Since you are 15, you probably don’t have a job yet, so you might have to ask your parents to take you to these places. If they have any sense of adventure, they will indulge you.

    • Beth Perkins

      This one seemed like the gimme to me.

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