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Pineapple Stuffed With Pastor Meat

Pineapple Stuffed With Pastor Meat

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Servings: 10

1 pineapple

2 tablespoons oil

¼ onion, thinly sliced

500 grams pastor meat

½ cup soy sauce

1 cup shredded manchego cheese

Green onions, finely chopped, to taste

Cilantro, finely chopped, to taste

Tortillas, to serve


* Cut the pineapple in half.

* Score the pineapple and remove the inside flesh, discarding the core.

* In a pot with medium heat, add the oil.

* Add the onion, cubed pineapple, pastor meat, and the soy sauce, and stir to combine, cooking for 5 minutes.

* Add the manchego cheese and cook until melted. Stir until fully combined.

* Fill the followed pineapple halves with the pastor mixture.

* Top with green onions and cilantro, and serve with tortillas.

* Enjoy.