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5 Thoughts Of Every Chicago Cub's Fan Heading Into The Postseason

We're all thinkin' it....

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1. When Will The Drought End?? / Via

It's been 108 years and counting, but fans will always support their beloved Cubbies through thick and thin. Chicago is in for an EPIC celebration if the Cubs can end the drought and it's safe to say we're all looking forward to it.

2. Sucks To Be A Cardinal's Fan / Via

Moment of silence for the Cardinals fans out there.......... just kidding.

With the Cardinals trailing the Cubs in the standings (16 games back but who's counting), Cub's fans will gladly take bragging rights for the next few years.

3. Let's Win It For Ernie / Via

The late Ernie Banks never got to see his Cubbies win a World Series, so winning it this year to honor "Mr. Cub" would make it that much more special. But let's be honest... a World Series victory would honor EVERY player or fan whose worn the red, white, and blue of Chicago.

5. This Is OUR Year (We're serious this time) / Via

I know Cub's fans, we tell ourselves this every season... But something feels right about the team this year. It's been nothing but good vibes the whole season, and let's hope the momentum continues into October! See you there Cubbie Nation.

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