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Watch John Oliver's Hilarious And Enlightening Takedown Of The Miss America Pageant

"How the f*** is this still happening?"

On Sunday night's episode of Last Week Tonight, John Oliver called out the Miss America beauty pageant for its regressiveness and its inaccurate claim of providing millions of dollars in scholarships for women.

"And just a reminder to those of you at home; it is the year 2014 and I am a fully clothed man standing in front of a line of women in swimsuits awaiting judgement."

He raised an important question: "How the f*** is this still happening?"

Oliver compared the irrelevance of the current pageant to a time when contestants were judged according to the construction of their heads and torsos.

He pointed out the absurdity of the complex questions that contestants are meant to answer in 20 seconds.

"They asked one of the contestants to solve ISIS. And she only had 20 seconds to do it."

Oliver then mocked Miss America's assertion that it was also a scholarship pageant: "Right. You need to see them in bathing suits because as we all know, the intelligence portion of the brain is located somewhere in the upper thigh."

"Currently, the biggest scholarship program, exclusively for women in America, requires you to be unmarried, with a mint condition uterus, and also rewards working knowledge of buttock adhesive technology."

But most importantly, Oliver disproved the pageant's claim that they make $45 million a year available for scholarships to contestants.

Watch the entire hilarious video to find out how.

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