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    Posted on Sep 25, 2015

    Pope Francis To Release Pop-Rock Album Called "Wake Up!"

    The pontiff's prog-rock album will feature excerpts of his hymns and speeches set to uplifting music, Rolling Stone reported.

    Aristide Economopoulos/The Star Ledger via AP, Pool

    Pope Francis, who is the Bishop of Rome and the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics, now has another feather in his zucchetto: rock musician.

    The pope's first prog-rock album, titled "Wake Up!" will release on November 27, Rolling Stone first reported.

    The Vatican-approved album will have 11 songs featuring excerpts from Pope Francis's multilingual speeches and hymns set to pop-rock tunes and Gregorian chants, according to Rolling Stone.

    The songs carry his message of peace and love, but also global issues close to his heart, including environmental protection.

    Believe Digital released the title track "Wake Up! Go! Go! Forward!" featuring the pope's English speech to South Korea last year. Lyrics include: "Wake up / Wake up. The Lord speaks of a responsibility that the Lord gives you / It is a duty to be vigilant / Not to allow the pressures, the temptations and the sins to dull our sensibility of the beauty of holiness."

    Rock on, Pope!

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