Shocking Footage Of Cops Hitting Unarmed Pro-Choice Protestors In Spain

A video of police striking unarmed women who were protesting against Spain’s restrictive new abortion laws was widely shared.

Police in Madrid were filmed hitting and using force against unarmed women who were part of more than 500 people protesting against a tough new abortion law outside Madrid’s Ministry of Justice on Friday, Dec. 20.

In confrontations between police and protestors, cops are seen grabbing and pushing the protestors and wielding their batons to strike the women. One of the protestors is heard yelling, “Son of a bitch, don’t touch me” before being knocked down.

At least one protestor was treated for injuries after the clashes with police.

Three women were arrested for resistance, disobedience and assault on a law enforcement official, according to local reports.

The women were protesting against the conservative government’s proposed new abortion law making it harder for women to get an abortion. The draft bill allows abortions only in rape cases or threats to the mother’s health.

A demonstrator holds a sign that reads “Legal abortion, so as not to die” during a pro-choice protest against the government’s proposed new abortion law in Madrid on Dec.20. Susana Vera / Reuters

Around 500-1,000 people protested outside the Justice Ministry calling for the resignation of Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz- Gallardón and the bill’s withdrawal. A life-size effigy of Ruiz- Gallardón was burned.

A demonstrator holds a paper cut-out of Spanish Justice Minister Alberto Ruiz Gallardon under a sign that reads, “No to clerical, sexist and medieval laws” during the pro-choice protest in Madrid. Susana Vera / Reuters

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