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People Can't Believe That This Guy Correctly Predicted Kimye's Baby's Name Six Months Ago

"Bro...he's a wizard."

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But way back in June, Twitter user and teen oracle "Sickboi" had predicted that Kanye would name his second child Saint.

watch kanye name his kid "saint" or some stupid shit


On Monday, Sickboi appeared stunned at his powers of prediction.

The internet couldn't deal with his eerie premonition.

@KlLLRudy how TF you predict this 😂

They called him a prophet...


And a wizard.

Pray tell us, Sickboi!


@KlLLRudy should I start talking to ex bae again

Kanye, give this man some shoes for his incredible work.

* cough cough * I'm a size small and a 9.5 in shoes @kanyewest


But was it a coincidence or luck?!

Guess we'll know soon enough if Sickboi is the chosen one.

guess who's about to buy lotto tickets


Sickboi, who is actually 18-year-old Rudy Romero from Los Angeles, told BuzzFeed News that his prediction was "pure luck" and that he knew Kanye would come up with something "practical or ridiculous."

"Knowing Kanye calling himself a god it'd have to be something "holy" or "sacred" due to it being his first born son," Romero said in an email to BuzzFeed News. "I've heard the name "santo" which is Saint in Spanish and I figured the name fit perfectly!"

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