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    Meet The Hottest Cop Ever

    Did someone say handcuffs?

    Meet Officer Chris Kohrs.

    He's 36 and lives in San Francisco.

    He's been dubbed by the internet as The Hot Cop Of Castro.

    Kohrs was first "discovered" by San Francisco resident Mark Abramson in May.

    Now there's an entire Facebook page devoted to Officer Chris and his hotness.

    The people of San Francisco love him.

    He has MANY fans gunning for his attention.

    And he cheerfully obliges all of them.

    Why is he so loved? Let's investigate:

    He has an arresting smile.

    He can literally stop traffic with his looks.

    Even babies pull over to say hi to Officer Chris.


    He also happens to have a killer body.

    He was a fine juvenile too.

    You will be disarmed by his laugh.

    Surrender to his eyes.

    You'd want a court date with this one.

    You have the right to remain silent...

    While you appreciate Officer Chris.