Massive Tornadoes Rip Through Nebraska, Leaving Towns In Ruins

Update: At least two people are dead and the small town of Pilger is in ruins after tornadoes tore across Nebraska.

1. Updated — June 17, 12:55 p.m. ET:

2. The National Weather Service said Tuesday that the storm that struck Nebraska Monday appears to have produced four tornadoes.

Above, two massive tornadoes ripped through the Stanton, Neb., area Monday afternoon.

At least two people were killed during the storms, officials said.

3. Two tornadoes were seen on the ground simultaneously near the town of Wisner.

AP Photo/Eric Anderson

5. And they were captured on video near the small town of Pilger.

6. One of the tornadoes was then seen ripping through Pilger, hurling debris into the air.

7. One storm chaser had a very close encounter with the twister as it crossed the highway.

8. The tornado caused significant damage in Pilger.

AP Photo/Mark ‘Storm’ Farnik

9. Stanton County Commissioner Jerry Weatherholt said the devastated town looked like a “war zone.”

AP Photo/The Journal-Star, Stacie Scott
AP Photo/The Omaha World-Herald/Ryan Soderlin

Tim Nelson searches for survivors in Pilger.

11. Weatherholt said the south half of the town was leveled, but almost all of it was damaged by the tornado.

AP Photo/The Journal-Star, Stacie Scott

12. “It was like God dragged two fingernails across the land,” Gregg Moeller of Wisner told the Norfolk Daily News while describing the “unbelievable” damage caused by the tornadoes.

MAJOR damage here in Pilger, Nebraska need emergency personnel NOW!!

— Reed Timmer (@reedtimmerTVN)

13. By 6 p.m. the town was filled with ambulances and fire trucks from across the region.

AP Photo/The World-Herald, Ryan Soderlin

Rick Wimer (left) and Steven Brune, both with West Point volunteer fire raise a flag in front of the Pilger Senior Center.

AP Photo/The World-Herald, Ryan Soderlin

A police officer exits the Wisner-Pilger Middle School after checking for people stuck inside.

15. The twin tornadoes resembled those seen during the Palm Sunday outbreak of 1965 where 137 people were killed — the deadliest tornado outbreak in Indiana history.

Twin Tornadoes from today (June 16, 2014) on right, w/ twin tornadoes from the Palm Sunday Outbreak in 1965 on left.

— Jennifer Watson (@JWatson_Wx)

Beautiful tornado near Burwell, NE!

— Gabe Garfield (@WxGabe)

Hopped out of the car and grabbed these twins. too bad I missed focus on the holy grail. @Slchunters

— Brian Miner (@BDMphoto)

18. Aerial footage of the damage:

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